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A Diet to Lower Cholesterol – You’ll Probably Lose Fat at the Same Time

People with high cholesterol can’t blame it all on their diet. Heredity plays a role in your cholesterol level too. As a commercial a few years ago use to proclaim, if your aunt Lucinda had a 250, or cousin Harold died of a heart attack with a 268, you better make your way down to […]

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3 Top Foods That Help to Lose Belly Fat

Here are 3 great foods that help to lose belly fat. Keep in mind that although you can eat comparatively large quantities of these foods, that does not mean they’re a license to go Kobayashi. They are a fantastic help when it comes to losing fat though. Remember that while the goal is to lose […]

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What is the Ideal Healthy Body Fat Percentage ?

What is the ideal, healthy body fat percentage? You’re always hearing that you want to have low body fat, but can you go too low? Is there an ideal percentage of body fat you should strive for?

Actually, yes there is, and it’s different for men and women. Women naturally have more body fat than men […]

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Free Printable Exercise Log – A Great Way to Lose Fat Faster

One of the easiest things you can do to make your efforts more effective when you’re trying to lose fat is merely to track your progress. It works great for fat loss, general fitness, or adding pounds of muscle. Write down your progress in a log. A simple, free printable exercise log would be a […]

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Wii Fit Games – Making Fat Loss Fun?

Last year the Nintendo Wii was so popular that there were fights and lines to get one of them. I got a Wii last year only because a friend of mine was in a store that happened to have one left. He knew I wanted one, so he picked it up for me. Many others […]

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Intensity – The Key to Crack Fat Loss Code

Is Exercise Intensity the Key to Fat Loss?
How can exercise intensity help you with fat loss? Well, intensity is energy density combined with time and velocity. Although you may have slept through high school physics class, its time to wake up if you’re trying to peel the fat from your belly.
Getting The Time to Lose […]

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The Best Fat Loss Exercise – Squats?

Is it possible that that old bodybuilding standby, squats, is the best fat loss exercise? There is a strong case to be made here. There are several things that make the case for squats as being the best fat loss exercise.

Squats as the best fat loss exercise – The case for:
Squats involve a huge amount […]

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Dangerous Sibutramine Diet Pills Surfacing Online

Dangerous sibutramine diet pills are surfacing online, according to an AP story released yesterday. There are many fat burning pills on the market today, but the ones in question contain a relative of amphetamine, called sibutramine. Most are made in China. If you’re unsure about eating Chinese food actually produced in China, I have some […]

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Walking for Fat Loss

Walking for fat loss is something most people can do, and as an added bonus, it can be very effective. Walking to lose fat around your belly (and anywhere else it might be hiding) is great because it is low impact and not altogether strenuous, so it is an activity that can be pursued by […]

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Fat Loss and Nutrition Trends Affected by the Economy

According to a press release today by the Calorie Control Council, the nation’s fat loss and nutrition trends will be affected by the economy. It makes sense, really because one of the largest expense categories for many people is food, and any decrease in their personal income could definitely affect what they eat. Many inexpensive […]

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Best Thermogenics – Fat Burning Substances

What are Thermogenics, and Can They Actually Melt the Fat From Your Body?

What do thermogenics do, and can they help you burn fat? What are the best Thermogenics? Thermogenisis is the process of metabolic induced heat generation in the body. Thermogenics are foods that either do, or are purported to cause thermogenisis. Why would anyone […]

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Calculating The Caloric Cost Of Your Christmas Cheer

Stop! Do your maths before putting that Christmas mince pie in your mouth: – one mince pie = 360 calories – a 75kg woman uses 58 calories to walk 1km at her self-selected “walking for exercise pace” – therefore, to burn one mince pie, a 75kg woman has to walk 6.2km […]

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