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How to Lose Belly Fat

The most common questions I’m asked by people interested in health and fitness are about how to lose belly fat. There’s good reason for the interest, too. Yeah, the stuff looks terrible; all jiggly and warbbly, but there is a much more important reason to learn about how to lose that fat around your belly. […]

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A Healthy Eating Guide to Lose Belly Fat

Eating healthy is one of the keys to losing fat from your belly or anywhere else it may be hiding on your body. With that in mind, here is a healthy eating guide with some easy rules you can follow.

Healthy Eating Guide – rule #1
Balance is key for fat loss – Weather you’re dieting to […]

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What Are the Benefits of Taking Acai Berries?

What are the benefits of taking acai berries? These berries have been in the news quite a bit lately, and there’s been a hubub about acacia being promoted on Oprah, although debate rages on the validity of that claim. Why there is any hubub is another matter, as Oprah currently has the berry listed on […]

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Functional Strength Training – Supercharge Your Fat Loss Now

A great way to lose fat is adopting a functional strength training program. Huh? Why would you want any other kind? Who would want a dysfunctional training program? Functional strength training is the practice of using your own body weight, and (in some cases) dumbbells as the resistance. Functional training concentrates on improving strength that […]

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