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Belly Fat Can Actually Make You Hungrier

It’s true, the mere presence of excess belly fat can actually make you hungrier. According to research released last year by Dr. Yaiping Yang and his fellow researchers at the Lawson Health Research Institute, part of the University of Western Ontario, more fat in the abdominal area can actually make you want to eat more. […]

By |February 2nd, 2009|Fat and Fitness Research|0 Comments

Some Great Portable Exercise Equipment – Not Home? No Excuse!

If you travel frequently, getting in a workout can be a bit tough. Sure, many hotels have some kind of exercise room or fitness facility, but many times these just don’t stack up. What you need is some great portable exercise equipment you can bring with you on the road or to the office, so […]

By |February 1st, 2009|general exercise|1 Comment
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