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What are the Best Ab Machines? Now There is Proof

What are the Best Ab Machines?
Now, There is Proof!

In my my previous post a few months back on the absolute best ab workout, I examined some popular medieval torture…I mean ab workouts, and showed why some popular ab exercises really aren’t nearly as effective as you’d think. The findings in that post were based on […]

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Weight Loss Products Banned in the Philippines

Hydroxycut, once one of the most popular weight and fat loss supplements (still is – in a new formulation), was banned this week by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration. Likewise, in May of last year the U.S. FDA restricted the sale of Hydroxycut as well, citing health concerns such as liver damage. Since the […]

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Low Fat Diet Plans – Why Even the Best of Them Are NOT The Best Way to Lose Weight

Low fat diet plans have been all the rage for a couple of decades now. In the ’80’s we even started seeing things like low fat cakes and cookies appear on supermarket shelves. Amazingly enough, the more low fat products that materialized on our grocery store shelves, the fatter Americans became. Coincidence?

Well, you can draw […]

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New Study: Dairy Products Can Help You Lose Weight

I have been a proponent of using low fat yogurt as part of a fat loss and muscle building diet for some time now. My personal experience and numerous studies indicate it works great. Now there is a new study, this one by some scientists down under at Curtin University of Technology, one of Australia’s […]

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How to Develop Personal Weight Training Routines To Achieve Your Goals Fast

How to Develop Personal Weight Training Routines
Achieve Your Goals Faster
Weight training routines are personal things, different for every person, depending upon their body and their individual needs. Maybe you want to be the next Mr. Olympia, you might want to win power lifting competitions, or you just want to lose weight, build some muscle, or […]

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How to Lose Weight – 4 Simple Things You Can Do to Drop Those Extra Pounds

Being overweight is a problem worldwide. In fact, the World Health Organization recently discovered that more people around the world actually die from being fat than from hunger or malnutrition. It’s shocking in this day of information at your fingertips that many people simply don’t know how to lose weight.

Sure, they know “eat less and […]

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