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Healthy Fast Food Choices – You Can Lose Weight on a Fast Food Diet

Healthy Fast Food Diet Choices

It’s a fact of life today that too many people rely on a fast food diet to keep them going. The demands of time, screaming kids, and sometimes outright laziness,  get us going up to the drive through window way more often than is nutritionally prudent. What if I told you […]

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The Last Supper – Even the Apostle’s Portion Sizes Are Growing (It’s Not Just Ours)

One of the things that the food industry has been criticized for in recent years has been dramatically increasing portion sizes. Experts point to this as another contributing factor to the obesity problem in the U.S.  Lo and behold, it looks as if the problem may not have been spawned by MickeyD’s supersized portions after […]

By |March 23rd, 2010|Diet|1 Comment

Athlete Nutrition – How Eating Like an Athlete Can Make You Leaner, Stronger, and Faster, Even if You Never Set Foot on the Field (and When It Can’t)

Many people think athlete nutrition means eating like Michael Phelps; 12,000 calories a day of just about anything you want. While that may be true for an elite level, 22 year old athlete that swims 2 or 3 miles a day in 100 and 200 meter chunks, that diet plan simply won’t work for the […]

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US Army Physical Fitness School Changes to a New Program

After years of dealing with recruits that are great at manipulating their PS3 controllers, but lousy at anything physically demanding, the Army has finally had enough. They have implemented a new physical fitness training program that concentrates more on building muscle and agility training than grueling, 5-mile runs in full gear.

Time will tell how this […]

By |March 18th, 2010|general exercise|3 Comments

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks on Healthy Food Choices for Kids – Is She Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

First Lady Michelle Obama was out today, talking to a meeting of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. She said they need to re-formulate and repackage their wares so they are healthier for America’s children. While she has a great point, and improving the eating habits of America’s children (and their parents) is definitely a laudable goal, […]

By |March 17th, 2010|Diet|4 Comments

Quick and Easy Weight Loss Tips

In our busy world, one thing we never seem to have enough of is that life crack that Father Time’s sellin’. Many people would love to spend their days skiing, playing tennis, lifting weights, and riding their bike. The sad reality is that after they bust their butts for 10 hours and drag themselves home […]

By |March 14th, 2010|weight loss tips|2 Comments

Benefits of Swimming – Can it Help Me Lose Weight?

Swimming is a wonderful activity that can cool you off on a summer day or be a great way to exercise. The benefits of swimming however, extend far beyond those two popular attributes. From an exercise perspective swimming is fantastic because it is zero impact. If you are heavy or have knee or ankle problems, […]

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Great Leg Workouts That Work Fast

Great Leg Workouts That Work Fast

Leg workouts are the key to success for many things in fitness. Weather you’re trying to lose fat, improve strength for football or skiing, the right leg workout can make it happen. Maybe you’re a bodybuilder and want to have legs like Tom Platz or Ronnie Coleman; well, you’re in luck, […]

By |March 6th, 2010|Weight Training Routines|5 Comments

How to Keep From Gaining Weight Back After You’ve Lost It

It’s no secret; losing weight can be incredibly difficult. Obesity is now one of the most serious health problems in the United States, with approximately one third of the population being classified as obese. A quick look around can help you confirm this for yourself.

Why are so many more people overweight now than 30 years […]

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The New Atkins Diet – The Latest Version of a Classic Diet Book

The Atkins diet is like Kleenex or Xerox. In the minds of many it is a generic term for the low carb diet. People say “I’m going on the Atkins Diet” when they’re not really going on the Atkins diet, they’re just cutting out most of their carbs. That’s when you know something has been […]

By |March 2nd, 2010|Diet|3 Comments
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