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6 Steps to 6-Pack

6 Steps to a 6 Pack
Always wanted 6-Pack Abs? You’re in Luck!
Okay, so you’re looking for a 6-pack. Who the hell isn’t? No, really! The irony is….. many people already have one; yeah, look down, you may be one of them. Can’t see it? No matter, you may still have a 6-pack like a Greek God

, […]

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What are the Best Ab Machines? Now There is Proof

What are the Best Ab Machines?
Now, There is Proof!

In my my previous post a few months back on the absolute best ab workout, I examined some popular medieval torture…I mean ab workouts, and showed why some popular ab exercises really aren’t nearly as effective as you’d think. The findings in that post were based on […]

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The Best Ab Workout DVD – This Top 5 Will Rip You Up

I showed you exactly how to get great abs in the Absolute Best Abs Workout from my previous post. You can definitely use that to get the kind of abs you always dreamed about, provided you lean up too. Sometimes though, it’s nice to change things up a bit, or have someone to workout with […]

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The Absolute Best Ab Workout – This One is Different, and Scientifically Proven

The Absolute Best Ab Workout
This One is Different, and Scientifically Proven

Okay, let’s get one thing straight right now; even the ABSolute best ab workout is not going to give you a flat stomach or a nice 6-pack down there unless you do one thing. What is that?

It’s simple, lose the layer of fat obscuring your […]

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The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat – High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity is the best way to lose belly fat (or any other kind) without spending hours grunting, groaning, and sweating. In fact high intensity interval training has been clinically proven to be more effective for the time spent than other types of exercises to burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness. High intensity resistance training […]

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Core Workouts for Strength Where it Matters – Without Killing Yourself in the Process

Core workouts are incredibly important. After all, almost every movement you make involves your body’s core to some degree or another. When doing any power moves, running, agility drills, or sports, most of your body’s power flows through your core.

What is the core? Your core is the muscle that connects your upper and lower body. […]

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Free Workout Plans – Number 1 – The 20 Minute Fat Loss Muscle Workout

Yes, this is a free workout plan, but the fact is that the best free workout plans are as only as good as the effort you put into them.  Weather free or a million dollars, you have to follow it. Consistency is key to any fat loss or body building program. Here is a great […]

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The Best Exercise to Flatten the Tummy

The Best Exercise to Flatten the Tummy
“What is the best exercise to flatten the tummy?” is one of the top questions I’m asked by people trying to get lean and fit. Unfortunately, too many people who want to flatten their midsection have plenty of work to do first. That’s because exercises will do a great […]

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