6 Steps to a 6 Pack

Always wanted 6-Pack Abs? You’re in Luck!

Okay, so you’re looking for a 6-pack. Who the hell isn’t? No, really! The irony is….. many people already have one; yeah, look down, you may be one of them. Can’t see it? No matter, you may still have a 6-pack like a Greek God

6 Steps to a 6 Pack

You want to finally see those abs you’ve been training so hard for? Oh, you haven’t? Well, we all have our issues, so here is a quick 6-steps to ab heaven!

, NFL DB, Olympic sprinter, fitness competitor…… If you’re one of the countless folks beatin’ the crap outta yourself to get stares at the beach for all the right reasons, you’ve probably been planking, sitting up, and captain’s chairing yourself to hell and halfway back.

Your abs are probably hard as a rock. That’s great if someone’s goin’ all Iron Mike on your ass. Otherwise, that and and $2.14’ll get ya a tall drip at Starbucks. You’d probably like to actually see an ab or two; once in a while.

The Good News?

Well, if you’ve been working that hard, chances are the muscles are there, you just have to scrape away all the crap hiding them. Yeah, there’s a chance you’ve been doing it all wrong, and your ab work hasn’t done much of anything. If that’s the case, well it really sucks. You’re going to have some more ab work to do. If you want an ab workout that scientifically proven to work great, I posted one (with a special twist) a couple years back, and yes, it still works freakin’ awesome! See it here.

If you want to kick your metabolism in the ass, shred your midsection, and finally see those abs you paid LA Fitness so much for, read on for the 6 steps to a 6-pack.

1 Ingredient Foods

Eating whole, non-processed foods does to powerful things for you. It makes you more likely to get the nutrients you’re body’s been screaming for, and does it usually with far fewer calories than you’ve been getting. What are Single Ingredient Foods? Easy, foods with one ingredient; chicken, apples, almonds, salmon, etc. Yes, you can combine them to make meals: Salmon Almondine, garnished with apples! No, herbs and seasonings don’t count, but watch the sodium.

2 Times More Weight Training Than Cardio

Yeah, cardio’s great for your heart. Sure it burns fat. What it’s not the best at, especially the long-duration, medium

Weight Training Steps for 6-pack abs

Use the fitness ball bench press for great upper body development.

intensity stuff, s burning enough fat for the time you spend doing it. Instead, spend the majority of your time hittin’ the iron. Focus on the big, compound stuff: Bench press, power cleans, squats, etc. These use many muscles at the same time, some of which a quite large (look back at your glutes!) It skyrockets your basal metabolic rate. Relax, that’s great. It’ll make you start burning off more of that fat layer, even when you’re sitting back watching Star Search reruns from the ’80s on YouTube.

3 Liters of Pure Water Daily

6-pack: water is a necessity for for 6-pack abs

Drinking water, is too much never enough? Can it help you finally get that 6-pack you’re after?

Staying hydrated is one of the key’s to fat loss. Hey, your liver’s workin’ down here! Unfortunately, if you’re dehydrated it’s probably workin’ too hard on stuff other than metabolizing fat. Ya see all the ripped guys struttin’ around the gym, water bottle in hand? That’s telling you something. If you’re a hard training machine, guzzle the H2O, and make it pure.

My wife’s a tennis coach, and plays a ton. She should also drink more water, especially with the kind of summer we’re having. You can really tell when she’s dehydrated. You can see it, and it affects her performance.

How much water is a good amount to drink? It depends on how hard you’re working and the environment you’re in. Working on a farm in college, we’d all drink a gallon daily, but it was so hot and dry that the sweat evaporated instantly, making it hard to tell how much water you were losing. Better to drink more and be safe in those situations. Some experts recommend using a 1/2oz per lb of body weight as a water consumption baseline. The Mayo Clinic says 3 liters as an average for men.

4 Days of High Intensity Exercise Per Week

High intensity exercise? Sounds painful! The thing is, pushing yourself to the limit not only works, but you actually have to exercise for a much shorter duration for the same effect. Would you rather hit it at 95% for 12 minutes, or 65% for an hour?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough time as it is; I’ll take the 12 minutes. It’s not an exact exchange, though. The 12 minutes is interval training, so your total time actually training is 12 minutes, but your time from the start of the session to the end is more like 20; still a heck of a deal. The American College of Sports Medicine is all in on High Intensity Exercise. Here’s their take on it. That’s about HI cardio, but upping the intensity on your resistance training is a great idea too.

5 Small Meals a Day

Hey, you like to eat, right? I sure as hell do, and here’s a way to do it more often. See, thin thing is that trying to eat for fat loss is about portion control and nutrition. Eating 5 small meals daily means that your body is getting only what it can use right now (or closer to it), and not shipping the rest off to storage.

It also means you’re actually getting the nutrients in your food that you paid for. You can only assimilate so much of each nutrient at a given time. Breaking it up into smaller portions throughout the day lets your body suck out of your food more of what it needs.

A final thought on multiple small meals: You get to eat more often, so you’re not dying of hunger and unable to eat for 2 more hours. It conditions your stomach to feel full on less food, so you’re less likely to eat as much. Of course you can recondition it, but why?

6 Days of Eatin’ Really Right

Eat really good and healthy for 6 days, then all bets are off! Why would you sabotage your nutrition like this? Relax, it’s all in the hormones. Yep, there really is something you can blame on them. One hormone, leptin, is tasked with keeping you at what your body feels is an ideal weight that will keep you alive during hard times. Of course, they cooked up that scheme before Whole Foods came along.

Back in the day, if you weren’t eating enough, alarm bells went a ringing. A disaster was coming, and you may be unable to eat enough for months. Well, snow’s not covering the crops now, so you need to trick leptin into letting you reduce your calorie intake. There’s plenty more on Leptin and how powerful it’s been shown to be in the last 5 years in a post here and here. Funny, we didn’t really know about that stuff 20 years ago. Now researchers are discovering it’s the keys to the castle!

Well, I’m sure as hell not guaranteeing you’re wakin’ up with a case of rippeditus next week! Try these six steps anyway. They help you lose that fat over your 6-pack. Bonus: You don’t even have to follow them in any particular order!

You want to shortcut your 6-pack path? Watch this video now for some underground info. It’s especially powerful for the gals out there.

What’s been the best thing that’s helped you in finding your 6-pack? Let me know, thanks!


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