What are the Best Ab Machines?

Now, There is Proof!

Best Ab Machines: Cruncher

Do those ab machines live up to their promise of being better than the common crunch or sit ups? Some do. most don’t. Check out check out which ones will do the trick.

In my my previous post a few months back on the absolute best ab workout, I examined some popular medieval torture…I mean ab workouts, and showed why some popular ab exercises really aren’t nearly as effective as you’d think. The findings in that post were based on a San Diego State University study on the effectiveness of different ab exercises, as measured with a high tech piece of gear called an EMG machine, which measures the electrical activity generated by your muscles as they are used. The machine can tell how much electrical energy is generated by the muscles, and that correlates to how much intensity they are working with.

Those Crazy Researchers Are at it Again

Now there is a new study, this time looking at some of the most popular ab machines, many of which have risen to fame thanks to late night infomercials. It makes me wonder who that is up at 3am is also interested in improving their physical fitness, but that’s a question for another time.

Tested for their effectiveness at stressing your abs of steel were:

  • Ab-ONE
  • Ab Scissor
  • Ab Swing
  • 6 Second Abs
  • Perfect Ab Roller
  • Torso Track.

You may have used some of these machines yourself, and you may even have one, tucked away in the corner of your spare room. There, under the old coats…..

If you’ve ever wondered if those things really work, or they are the creations of a fantastic copywriter, the answer could be a bit of both, depending on which of the machines you’re talking about. Some of them actually worked better than the common crunch, which was used as the baseline for effectiveness in the results. All machines were measured against the crunch, and their score is the percentage of muscle recruitment compared to the crunch. The crunch gets a score of 100, and anything better than the crunch at working your abdominal muscles will score higher  than 100.

How Did the Ab Machines Fare Under University Scrutiny?

The machines were scored for both their ability to stimulate the abs and obliques. That’s vital for complete core development.

Machine                Abs    Obliques
Ab-ONE                126      113
Perfect Ab Roller  96        77
Ab Scissor            64      126
Ab Swing             35      117
Torso Track         70        98
6 Second Abs      63        85

You’ll note that some of these machines are nowhere near as effective at working those abs as the common, apparatus free exercise I reported on in my previous post on the ultimate ab workout.

Some of those exercise are twice as effective as the machines.

The bottom line on ab workout machines? They can be a nice way to stave off boredom, but really, they’re are totally unnecessary. If you don’t believe me, and want to order one off Amazon, go right ahead! Remember too, that no matter how well developed your ab muscle are, it’s diet that peels away the layer covering them!

Try my scientifically proven ab exercise routine detailed in the post here: Most Effective Ab Exercise Routine

Watch this video on how to make sure your ab muscles are working properly, and an exercise to help make sure they are. Ab muscles not working properly?? Don’t laugh, it’s far more common than you’d think, and because your core is so vitally important for everything exercise related, it can make it virtually impossible, or even dangerous to do other exercises effectively.

Best Ab Machines - incline ab twists

Keep in mind that while your abs are built in the gym, possibly on machines like these, they’re exposed in the kitchen. Watch your macros!

Have you used one of the machines in question? Did you like it and was it effective?

Let me know in the comments, Thanks!