I’m Steve.

When your boss, customers, and kids keep pulling you down the path to obesity, you feel it’s inevitable; you’re going to end up like everyone else. You Don’t Have To!

I’m so with you on this. At 6’2″, I was once 192lbs, less than 10% body fat, and enjoyed training and athletic activities nearly every day. Then, one day I saw a picture of myself at a family gathering and about crapped my pants!

I checked the scale. 224lbs! WTF??? Where’d 192 go?

You’re probably right with me on this one. I bought a home, then a construction business, grew it, had a kid, then another. They grew, too. I grew along with them; but I sure wasn’t getting any taller! That’s where that picture came in, and I’m damn lucky I saw it. It took seeing what I’d become from someone else’s eyes (Nikon’s) to shock me into action.

I made some much needed changes. I had no time; still don’t. You probably don’t either. Luckily, I’d been involved in fitness training, nutrition, and athletics for years. I drew on that and came up with a plan to lose the fat gracing my midsection.

It wasn’t just the fat. It Was Worse!

Although I’d only gained about 35 lbs, I’d lost about 15 lbs of hard earned muscle at the same time. That meant I’d really gained 50lbs of fat. Ouch! Time to put the plan into action…..

It Worked!

Only 120 days later, I was back at my old weight, and had spent far less time training than I would have thought. I also didn’t have to turn my diet completely upside down, although I’d sure as hell made some changes.

In 2008 I started blogging about my journey and what I’d learned about fat loss. I figured there were plenty of others in my predicament who were wondering how to get out of it. No kidding!

Read along, there’s plenty of stuff in here that will help take you away from the fat, without loading up on pills, potions, or powders. You’ll have to work, sure, but you can turn your life around, without turning it upside down.

To help you do what I did, I created a fat loss course for you.

It’s tough losing fat, and any time you can follow along with someone who’s done exactly what you want to do, it’s so much easier. Don’t worry, it’s 100% free… won’t cost you a cent. It get’s even better, you also get a free newsletter subscription, with all the latest tips, tricks and research on fat loss, diet, and fitness. It’s perfect to help you lose fat and keep it off.

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