Fried Chicken? No, No, No, you’ve got entirely the wrong idea. You’re supposed to eat healthy. Thanksfully you can do that and still ahve some of the best tasting chicken anywhere. Check it out!

Healthy Chicken Recipes

Face it, many of our best intentions for new year’s weight loss resolutions will be forgotten by the time we’re reaching for that second beer during the Superbowl. It’s sad, but that’s about as far as most people go, despite their best intentions. In some cases, it’s because the food that many people force themselves to eat when they’re trying to lose  weight tastes like garbage. Here is a recipe that will help you stick to your New Year’s promise, and actually enjoy your food!

Poached Chicken Breast and Peppers

This is is not only a taste treat, but it’s nutrition packed as well. The peppers help add some nice color, but they’re also an excellent source of nutrients, such as vitamin C. Poaching helps preserve the chicken’s micronutrient content, by keeping the heat low relative to other cooking methods, like baking or grilling. As an added bonus, poaching ensures your chicken will be tender, juicy, and flavor packed, too. To make it even better, it’s easy to prepare, even for kitchen novices.

The olive oil adds flavor, but it also adds some of those important, healthy fats to help balance out the dish’s nutrient profile.


2 Chicken Breasts – skinless, boneless – free range is best for both taste and health
1-1/2 cup white wine – Riesling
¼ cup olive oil
4 cups water
4 cloves garlic – chopped
4 shallots – chopped
1ea green pepper – de-seeded
1ea red pepper – de-seeded

How to Prepare:

Pour the liquids, garlic, and shallots into an deep pan large enough to hold the 2 chicken breasts and keep them covered in the liquid..
Bring the liquids to a slow boil.
Add the chicken and peppers to the boiling mixture. Adjust the heat to keep it at a slow simmer, no higher.
Typically you’ll keep them on the heat for about 10 minutes, then remove the pan from the heat and let them sit for another 10 minutes or so.
Remove the chickens and peppers, and serve.

There are plenty of healthy, easy meals you can prepare without having to attend a culinary academy or have a chef’s kitchen. They’ll help you lose fat, gain muscle, and eat great too!