Eating healthy is one of the keys to losing fat from your belly or anywhere else it may be hiding on your body. With that in mind, here is a healthy eating guide with some easy rules you can follow.

Healthy Eating Guide – rule #1
Balance is key for fat loss – Weather you’re dieting to lose fat or increase muscle mass, the proper proportion of fats (make sure you’re eating the correct kind of fats), carbohydrates, and proteins is key to maximize your success. A rule of thumb for adults is 25 – 30% carbs, 20 – 25% fat and 45 – 55% protein. This balanced eating should be done on a per meal basis. That is each meal should be well balanced in order to ensure proper nutrient absorbtion. Fort example, it’s not as beneficial for fat loss if you eat one meal with 80% protein, and the next with only 5%. Strive for a balanced approach at every meal. Making sure you eat protein and fat with your carbohydrates helps moderate carb digestion and subsequent release into your bloodstream.

Healthy Eating Guide – rule #2
Eat many small meals throughout the day. Rejoice! You get to eat all the time! That’s true, it’s better to eat 6 meals throughtout the day, than the traditional 3 squares you had in the army. This optimizes nutrient absorbtion and promotesd fat loss and muscle gain. The problem comes when people eat the same meals they were eating 3 times per day, twice as often. Obviously that would be fairly ineffective as a fat loss strategy. You have to eat smaller meals, so the total calorie intake is the same or less than you were getting with your previous 3 meals, it’s just spread out over the 6  meals you’re eating now. In addition to promoting better nutrien absorbtion, eating more often, but smaller allows more even release of sugar into your blodstream and helps prevent blood sugar spikes that can contribute to fat gain.

Healthy Eating Guide – rule #3
Eat fewer carbs in your last meal of the day than in your previous meals. This will help fight your body’s tendancy to store carbohydrates it is not immediately using. You know how it stores them, don’t you? That’s right, right around your midsection.

Healthy Eating Guide – rule #4
Drink plenty of water if you’re trying to lose fat. Most people should drink at least 72oz of pure, clean water per day. (NOTE: Diet pop doesn’t count. I said water) If you are losing water due to exertion or heat, you can drink much more. This does a number of things, most of them beneficial to fat loss. Amoung other things, being adaquately hydrated helps ensure proper kidney finction, freeing the liver to perform one of its main functions, metabolizing fat. Keep in mind that some liquids, including green tea, actually work as diuretics, so drinking them will actually cause you to lose water. Be aware of this tendency when planning your water intake. You can just drink plain, old tap water if the water is clean in your area. That being said, it really isn’t in many areas, so purchase a filter to get the junk out and make your water actually healthy. It will be far cheaper than buying bottled water. If you are going to buy bottled water, get it in bulk, on sale. You’ll pay half what you get it for at the mini mart.

Healthy Eating Guide – rule #5
Consume low glycemic index carbohydrates. What are low glycemic carbohydrates? The clycemic index of a carbohydrate is basically a measure of how fast it’s digested and released into your bloodstream. Higher glycemic index carbs are more likely to cause blood sugar spikes that can promote the fat storage you’re trying (desperately) to avoid. The glycemic index scale normally uses glucose as 100. Some GIs use white bread. The following are based on glucose. Here are some easy things you can do to keep the glycemic index of your carbs lower. Switch white rice to brown rice. White rice is just plain bad news when you’re trying to lose fat. Your standard, steamed, short grain white rice has a glycemic index of about 72, while brown rice is about 50. Other hy glycemic index foods to avoid are rice cakes (80+), that white bread baguette from Starbucks (90), standard white bread (72), whole wheat bread (69), beets (64), bran muffin (62-68), plums (69), pineapple (66), pretzels (73), Coca-Cola non-diet (77), plain bagel (72), Rice Chex (89), and watermelon (72). Notice how many low fat choices many people think of as “diet foods” are on that list. Are you dieting your way to fatness?

Some low glycemic choices you can eat include pearl barley (25), peanuts (14), apples (38), peaches – raw, not in syrup (30), pear (38), grapefruit – no sugar (25), skim milk (32), Yogurt, nonfat, fruit, artificial sweet (14), whole grain bread (38 – 42), kidney beans (27), lima beans (32), soy beans (18), brocolli (15), cauliflower (21), whole grain Vermicelli pasta (36), boiled black beans (30), and cherries (32).

Simply following these 5 rules in the healthy eating guide will typically have a positive effect on your body fat, i.e. it will start to go away. If you’re trying to drop belly fat, get on board with this ASAP.