The following are the approximate anti oxidant values of selected foods as measured by the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale. The ORAC scale is a unit of measurement for antioxidants relative effectiveness. The National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) developed the scale.

Cinnimon, ground                                267,000
Acai berry, freeze dried                        161,400
Cocoa powder, unsweetened                  80,900
Maqui Berry, concentrate powder            75,000
Parsley, dried                                          74,300
Basil, dried                                              67,600
Chocolate, unsweetened                         49,900
Maqui Berry, juice                                   40,000
Goji Berries, raw                                      25,300
Rice bran                                                 24,300
Pecans                                                     17,900
Elderberries, raw                                      14,700
Walnuts                                                   13,500
Cranberries, raw unsweetened                   9,600
Blueberries, raw                                         6,500
Prunes, raw                                                6,500
Blackberries, raw                                        5,300
Rasberries, raw                                           4,900
Almonds                                                     4,500
Apples, red delicious, raw                          4,300
Strawberries, raw                                        3,600
Peanut butter, smooth                                3,400
Figs, raw                                                     3,400
Cabbage, boiled                                          3,100
Broccoli, raw                                               3,100
Raisins                                                        3,000
Pears, raw                                                    2,900

This is an example of how some foods can help fight free radicals in your body. Of course, there are many other health aspects of food, such as fiber content, fat content, vitamins, and so forth, but this is one area that can improve your overall health and help fight fat, belly and otherwise.