Light Yogurt

Yoplait Light, MMM, MMM Good. It tastes great, but is it really good for you? As it is with so many foods labeled "light" or "Diet" the answer requires a bit closer examination.

We’re always looking for ways to eat better, since diet is one of the cornerstones to fat loss. You know, we have this thought, often a misconception, that just because a package proclaims something is “light” , “diet”, or “healthy” it actually is. Ah, the power of marketing. What’s really going on here?

On a trip to the market last night, I was looking to pick up some yogurt, among other things. Yogurt is one of the fat loss and muscle building power foods. I’ve even named it to my Top 15 Healthy Foods List last year for it’s prowess in battling fat and promoting muscle.

I like light yogurt. It’s low in calories and tastes great, yet is packed with nutrition. If you find those little cups of joy lightly sweetened with fruit juice, you’ve struck gold. Often these are from small regional producers, or you can easily make delicious yogurt yourself, at home, for pennies. For more on how to do that, see the post I did a few months back on How to Choose the Best Yogurt Maker. You’ll note that, since I was shopping for yogurt, I obviously haven’t gotten around to making my own yet.

What the Heck is Going On Here??

In any case, there I was, checking out the label on a cup of Yoplait Light. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the second item on the list was…..are you sitting down?…..high fructose corn sweetener. In A Diet Product? High fructose corn sweetener? Really? Well, I was damn glad I checked. The cups were only 100 calories each, but I’d rather get my 100 calories somewhere else, thanks.

It all goes to the necessity to read that fine print on the nutrition label. You never know what you’ll find in there. Protien bars are another diet food that can sometimes contain all manner of garbage you wouldn’t expect to find in a diet product. Then again, “food “and “product” shouldn’t really be used together, should they? If you eschew all that prepackaged stuff you find out there claiming to be good for you, and follow the single ingredient food plan, you’ll be far down the road to a healthier life and a lower fat body, just make sure you read the label.

Have you found some of those food contradictions in your shopping adventures? Let me know, and always be looking for them.

Have a great weekend!