Fast Healthy Meals That Don’t Suck

You can’t out exercise a bad diet. I’ve tried, and gotten my ass kicked every time. That being said, sometimes you have to grab a fast meal; your boss wants that report yesterday, or you’re late for the kids’ soccer practice (again). Just because you have no time doesn’t mean it’s time for another crap sandwich of sodium, saturated fat, and wilted veggies. The next time your clock is delivering 33 minute hours, try some of these ass kickin’ fast healthy meals, from fitness foodies around the blogosphere…..

Whether you’re looking for low carb deliciousness, or just plain good food, there are some great healthy recipe ideas here. The key is fast and easy. If it’s not, you’ll be back in the drive through line again, and you know where that leads… One of the most important aspects of weight loss is diet. It’s easier to make a healthy choice at meal time than to try to hit another mile and 10 more sets in the gym.

Here are some fast, healthy meal ideas to help you….

Eggs on the Go

Eggs - easy healthy meals

Is this egg thing the cure for everything that ails you, or the cause? Well…..

Eggs rock. They’re a power packed nutrition sandwich that experts used to say was bad for you. What the hell did they know? Born Fitness CEO and leading health and fitness blogger Adam Bornstein delivers this egg laden muffin/sandwich/casserole in a muffin tin (Yeah, I’m not really sure what the heck to call it) recipe from Born Fitness meal prep specialist Liv Langdon. It’s sure to help you pack on the muscle and drop the fat, if you’re willing to work for it… sorry! He says it’s for breakfast, but what the heck, pack some for lunch, too.

For more on ovoid nutritional wonders, see my post Eggs, Why the Sloppy Yellow Stuff’s Perfect for Fitness

Healthy Energy Bars

I love barified food and scarf a few down for breakfast every morning. They’re packed with protein; and typically

Fast Healthy Meals That Don't Suck - Energy Bars

Chemistry set? Naw, it’s just an energy bar…. although you’d be hard pressed to tell from the ingredients label. (You ARE reading those, right?

about 50 pounds of other crap you probably shouldn’t eat. So, I’ve got the morning metabolism boosting protein handled, but am probably polluting my insides in the process. Yeah, I do read the labels and try to weed out the ones that sound like a CHEM101 lab experiment, but still….

One way around all the garbage is do it yourself energy and/or protein bars. You’ll have total control over what’s in there, and they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than the store bought variety, which are a real wallet drainer. Hey, at least you’ll have total control over at least one aspect of your hectic life.

If you’re willing to roll your own and don’t live in Washington or Colorado, that means zippin up some home made bars from the comfort of your own kitchen. If you’re from the Evergreen state, it probably means something else, but I digress… Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe (got that right!), shows you how to make the good stuff, and take control of your bar habit here.

In the Raw

I’m a huge fan of raw, unless it means my jeans are too tight. That’s another sick story, but raw foods are nutritional powerhouses that taste great. As an added bonus, you save valuable cooking time, because, as the name suggests, there isn’t any!

I’m also partial to vinaigrette dressings, but many are so sugar packed, Snickers bars get envious. Gina Hamshaw over at Choosing Raw must feel my pain. She delivers this spinach salad with spicy carrot chili vinaigrette that hits many of my hot buttons, without an extra helping of sugar.

Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it’s also one of the veggies most likely to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria, but hey, I look past that for its other virtues. Live a little!

Nutrition Tip: Next time you’re at Jerrod’s favorite sandwich emporium, ask them to add spinach to your sandwich. It’s hidden below the normal ingredients. But they’ll grab for it if you ask.

Get Out the Blender

Smoothies, messy but wonderful. Sounds like sex, kinda. Anyway, smoothies are one of my favorite ways to power down the nutrients. So much variety, so little time. The one knock on smoothies is having to get out the plethora of ingredients, and put them all away again, unless you want your kitchen to look like your kids were using it.

There’s a way around all that: prepackaged smoothies. There’s everything but the ice. Hell, throw that in too! Over at TheKitchn blog, Jessica Fisher opens the secrets with How I stock My Smoothie Drawer. You’ll have an endless supply of delicious smoothies, as easy as pulling out a bag and the blender. Speaking of ice, that’s part of the smoothy secret. The more ice in the blender, the fewer calories you’re puttin’ away. Water’s calorie free, don’tcha know.

Power Tips to Prepare Easy, Healthy Meals

In case you missed it, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. I’ve tried, and it’s not pretty. Neither was I. Anyway, for most folks, the biggest battle is preparing healthy meals, not eating them. If they were as fast and easy as the prepackaged crap you pull from cardboard and plastic, there’d be no problem. Any tips and tricks you can use to get ahead of the curve are pure gold.

Here are few quick tips that help you make healthy meals easier, so you can finally take down that LinkedIn pic from 15 years ago. Yeah, we know!

Prepare and Prepackage

Do many at once, then prepackage so you can grab, cook, and go… or just grab and go.

But wait, there’s more….

Alex Orlov over at DailyBurn has 12 ass kickin’ tips that really help to streamline your healthy eating efforts. Really, they’re good (like the food) . I especially like the one about hard boiling eggs in the oven, using muffin tins. You’ll be able to do many more at once, and can use that time to prepare other foods. Check him out.

One Last Healthy Meal Power Tip: Don’t forget the cool, clear water….. but not cold water. Drinking old water slows down your digestive processes and prevents efficient nutrition assimilation. Super athlete and tennis mega star Novak Djokovic (Checked his abs? Not much fat there) drinks his water at room temp for precisely that reason. Staying hydrated ensures your liver is metabolising stored fat for energy at maximum efficiency. Water is also essential for just about every other body process, including protein synthesis. Make sure your glass is full, but doesn’t stay that way for long.

If you’re eatin’ right, the battle’s more than half won. How have you conquered the easy healthy meal battle? To make it easier, check out my fast, fat loss cookbook. Fast meals, that you’ll actually want to eat while you’re losing fat. MetaboMeals Cookbook – Easy and Delicious Weight Loss Meals and Nutrition Guide

What are your fav fast healthy meals that don’t suck? Leave a comment to let me and the other readers know. We’ll love you for it, thx!