Easy Ways to Trim Calories From Your Diet

How many calories equal a pound? 3,500. That means you’ll
have to burn 3,500 more calories than you take in to lose a
single pound. You can do this from either side. You can cut
calories from what you eat, or you can make sure your body
burns more of them.

There are some easy ways to cut the calories out of your
diet so you can drop that fat, and the best thing is that
you’ll barely notice the calories are missing. Here are some
tips to cut back on calories, the easy way.

How to Cut Calories #1 -Stop drinking sweetened drinks.

This is so easy, but far too many people drink a couple of
Mountain Dews or Cokes every day. That makes your fat battle
tougher on two counts; you’re taking in extra calories, and
you’re drinking liquid sugar. Actually it isn’t as bad as
straight glucose, but Coke has a glycemic index of about 63,
and no nutritional value.

It also has about 145 calories per 12 oz can. If you only
have two per day, you’re adding 290 calories to your daily
calorie consumption figure. Just cutting out 2 cans of
normal pop per day means you’ll lose a pound every 12 days.
That’s 30 lbs in a year from doing nothing but switching to
diet soda from regular for two cans per day!

Something else to be aware of is fruit juice. Fruit juice is
a great part of a healthy diet, but it is very high in
calories and easy to drink. That means you can easily put
away quite a few more calories than you were planning to
without a second thought. For example, an 8oz serving of
orange juice has about 110 calories. Although it is high in
nutrition, it is also high in sugar. That 8oz serving has 21
grams of sugars, but its glycemic index of 53 is much lower
than Coke, so you won’t get as severe an insulin spike. Be
aware that it has more calories for an equivalent portion,

Drink mostly plain, pure water if you can, it will help you
burn fat and keep your muscles properly hydrated. If you
drink pop, choose the diet variety, but be aware that stuff
is a real chemistry set, so limit your intake of that as

How to Cut Calories #2 – Switch to 1% or 2% milk.

If you’re currently drinking whole milk, switch to 2%, if you’re
drinking 2%, cut back to 1%. I know, it will taste like
water at first, but you will easily cut out some calories
from your diet, while retaining the nutritional value.

An 8oz glass of whole milk has about 145 calories, while 2%
milk drops the calorie count down to 120, and 1% is lower
still at about 110. The 10 calorie drop from 2% to 1% milk
may not be worth it, but losing 25 calories for the switch
from whole to 2% is worth doing. 2 glasses a day means a 50
calorie cut, and that adds up to over 18,000 calories in a
year. Only 5 pounds, but that’s a pretty painless way to
lose 5 pounds.

How to Cut Calories #3 – Steam vegetables rather than cooking them in butter or oil.

If you use 2 oz of oil to
saute your vegetables, that 2oz of oil contains 500
calories. Imagine if your food absorbs ½ of those calories.
That is another 250 calories. If you do this only twice a
week, you’ve saved 500 calories per week, or about 13,000
calories per year. That’s about 3-1/2 pounds.

How to Cut Calories #4 – Switch to light beer.

Regular Bud has about 145 calories per 12oz bottle. Bud Light has only
108. If you drink a 6 pack a week, you’ll cut 11,550
calories a year from your diet. That’s another 3 pounds.
Miller Lite is even lower, at 96 calories.

How to Cut Calories #5 – Eat “Naked”, burritos, that is.

Instead of traditional burritos with a large, flour tortilla. Did you
know that those big, flour tortillas have about 350 calories
and 55 grams of carbs?

At many burrito places you get somuch food, losing the tortilla just brings it back into the
normal, 1 meal calorie range for most people. If you have 1
burrito a week, you’ll save 350 calories a week, or about
18,000 calories a year. That’s another 5 pounds over the
course of a year.

How to Cut Calories #6 – Switch from a combo pizza to
chicken pizza with a couple of veggies.

Sure, many people
think chicken’s just not a real pizza topping, but trust me,
it tastes great. Not only will you save calories, but you’ll
cut back on other bad stuff too, like saturated fat.

A slice of a Domino’s large extravaganza has 374 calories. Swap it
for grilled chicken with mushrooms, green chiles and black
olives and you’ll drop 114 calories per slice. If you eat 4
slices of pizza per week, that’s 456 calories a week and
23,712 calories and 6.7 pounds per year.

How to Cut Calories #7 – Just say “no” when they ask, “Do
you want fries with that?”

Failing that, order small fries,
and never supersize anything. A large order of McDonalds
fries comes in at 500 calories. A small is only 230. Do that
switch once a week and you’ll skim 270 calories. Just
changing that one order of fries a week will add up to 4
pounds in a year.

How to Cut Calories #8 – Switch from ground beef to lean
ground turkey breast.

Not only will you save calories, but
saturated fat, too. Here’s how many calories switching from
beef to lean ground turkey breast will save you. If you have
only two 6oz servings each week you’ll be surprised how many
calories you’ll cut. 6oz of lean turkey breast has 180
calories, while the same amount of ground beef with 20% fat
packs a 460 calorie punch!

That means that changing to the turkey twice a week cuts out
560 calories per week, and in the course of a year it makes
you over 8lbs lighter. Lean ground turkey breast is really
great stuff. You can use it for chili, spaghetti, lasagna,
or almost anything else you’d ordinarily use ground beef
for, except hamburgers.

These little things may not sound like they do much for you,
but oh, they do! None of these would force you to make major
changes, or cut back on how much you ate, you’d just be
making healthier, lower calorie choices. By the end of only
one year, these little changes will have you losing about
62lbs! 62Lbs is quite a bit to lose in only a year from
doing nothing but simple calorie cutting.

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