There are plenty of delicious foods out there that you enjoy, guilt free. This burrito sans tortilla is one of them. Tastes great and it won't add to your waist.

Kiss these tasty eats goodbye forever, you’ll thank yourself for it later! Here are six foods that everyone should avoid.

1)    CRISPS
As a nation we chomp our way through about six BILLION bags of crisps every year. They might be ok for Gary Linker and he might even get you believing they’re good for you but in reality they only have marginally less salt and aft in them that they ever did. They’re still deep fried and have no nutritional value at all.

SWAP FOR: A handful of heart healthy mixed nuts which will also fill you very nicely, thank you.

We all know the “full on cola” is full of sugar and will easily expand our waistlines literally overnight but don’t be fooled by the “diet” or “light” versions of fizzy drinks as they aren’t as healthy as they claim. They can still erode tooth enamel, because loss of bone density and the sweet taste can actually make you feel as though you are hungry even if you’re not! Most of these drinks contain aspartame which is an n artificial sweetener that has actually been seen to cause cancer in rats and there’s a continual “buzz” that’s being ignored by the European food council that it’s safe for humans. I’d personally stay well clear!

SWAP FOR: Water, fruit juice and soda water.

The British eat more ready meals than any other nation in Europe believe it or not. Manufacturers are trying to reduce the saturated fat, sugar and salt content but unfortunately they still contain additives which mean they lose vital nutrients via processing. Not only that, they very rarely contain any fresh fruit and vegetables.

SWAP FOR: A delicious stir fry, it’s quick, it’s easy and it retains all its nutrients.

They’re incredibly convenient when you’re in a hurry and I’m as guilty as the next person when I’ve been in a rush and haven’t prepared my food beforehand. Unfortunately you really don’t know what’s in them and the manufacturers want them to be as tasty as possible so you’ll buy them again and again, which means they go overboard on things like mayonnaise. Prêt A Manger “All day breakfast sandwich” has more calories than a Big Mac!

SWAP FOR: Home made sandwiches. Easy to make and better for your waistline and saves money as well. There are also some specialty sandwich shops and delis that use organic ingredients for their sandwiches. They typically taste great, too. Unfortunately, you’ll typically pay a price premium for the privilege of eating an extra-healthy sandwich.

Pizzas are fantastic as an occasional treat but it’s when you start going crazy and ordering the “all singing all dancing” stuffed crust version with meat topping that it all goes horribly wrong. Just one slice of “Pizza Hut Stuffed Meat Feast” contains a MASSIVE 417 calories and 9.5g of saturated artery clogging fat! Bear in mind that most people never ever stop at just ONE slice.

SWAP FOR: A thin crust pizza loaded with nutrient rich vegetables and lean meats, such as chicken and/or shrimp. Some specialty pizza houses also have pizzas with whole grain crust, for an added measure of health.

Frosties, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Rice Krispies and Coco Pops are all comprised mainly of sugar. Sugary cereals provide an initial rush of energy followed by a dip 30 to 60 minutes later which will leave you feeling drained, both physically and mentally. To make matters worse, you’ll then be left craving more food thanks to the sugar crash!

SWAP FOR: Porridge (Known as oatmeal in the U.S.), because it’s more filling and releases energy slowly. Plus, oatmeal has been shown to have cholesterol reducing effects.

Avoiding these six foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives can have you eating better than ever, while not missing out on any eating enjoyment.

The preceding was a guest post from Garth Delikan, a lifestyle coach based in the UK.