You want to be built like this guy? Great! Start lifting weights on a high intensity training program, but that's not all, you'll ahve to know how many calories you're eating every day if you want to be ripped like this, so start counting.

One of the things that people with a few extra pounds hanging around their waist want to know is how to lose weight fast, as if they can just do this or that and watch the pounds fall away in a couple of days. While that would be great, it all comes down to the age old battle: calories in vs. calories out. The trouble is that few people have any sort of accurate idea about how many calories are really going in.

Although counting calories is listed as one of the things you must do my some weight loss sources, and a total waste of time by others, the fact remains that you do really need to know how many calories you’re eating every day. Although you’ll get a pretty good gut feeling for this at some point, initially you’ll have to breakout the calorie calculator and keep track of things for a while.

An article today in the Daily Express, out of the UK reveals what we knew all the time, you’ve got a much smaller chance of losing weight if you don’t know how many calories you’re eating.

According to the study, an amazing 91% of dieters don’t weight their portion size. I posted about this in my post A Quick Weight Loss Tip some months back, and how the inconsistency can totally derail your weight loss efforts, even though you think you’re doing everything right.