How to Save Money on Healthy Foods

How to save money on food is more important now than ever. If you’re trying to lose some of the fat you’re carrying around you probably tend toward eating healthier foods. Unfortunately, healthy and organic foods can be far more expensive than their less healthy counterparts.

For example organic, free range chicken definitely tastes great, and it is healthier for you than the all-packed-together-in-a-crate-stepping-in-their-own-feces variety of chicken you typically find at your local market. It also is usually about twice as expensive as the less palatable stuff. Many foods labeled “organic” are more expensive because it is more difficult and expensive to produce them. They yield less per acre and there are more regulations to be complied with so the food can receive the coveted “organic” label.

That means these foods will probably always be more expensive, but do they have to be so much more expensive? Is there a way for you to save money on your food and still choose healthy selections? Yes, there is.

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Where You Shop – In many cases the first thing that has to change is where you buy your food. Many people shop at specialty or whole foods markets. While this can ensure a fantastic selection of foods even the most picky connoisseur would love, those stores almost always charge a premium for their atmosphere, selection, and  in many cases, their location. What isn’t always well known is that many traditional supermarkets have healthy and organic choices buried among all the other garbage. Some have a healthy food section, but others just put the organics in with everything else. You’ll have to do some investigating.

In addition many places have local or regional warehouse stores that can save you huge amounts of money on your food budget. Savings at these stores applies to all your food purchases, not just your healthy choices. I typically save between 40% – 50% on my entire grocery bill by shopping at these warehouse food stores.

Many of these warehouse grocery markets have huge selections, so you’re not limited to off brands or things you wouldn’t ordinarily eat. The northwest has Winco Foods, based in Boise, ID. They have a giant selection and extremely low prices. And yes, they do have many healthy and organic food selections for you to choose from.

You don’t have to buy in bulk at these warehouse stores to get your savings either. No, you can buy the same sized packages you always do, only at lower prices. In addition, make sure you actually calculate the cost per volume or weight. This is usually listed on the shelf tag. Sometimes the larger packages are actually more expensive! Yes, it’s true, just because you’re buying 5lbs of something doesn’t mean it’s automatically less expensive than buying 8oz of it.

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What you buy is important too. For example, buying designer food brands is more expensive, especially when it comes to healthy and organic foods. In many cases there will be a store brand that is far less expensive. The better brand doesn’t always equate to the better food.

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How you buy your food is paramount. Many warehouse food stores like Costco and Sam’s Club have organic and healthy foods. If it is an item that you consume in fairly large quantities, see if you can realize any savings by buying it in large quantities. Although it isn’t a guarantee of savings, buying in bulk can save you money. You should also check at stores that are target more at restaurant supply. In many cases you can save big money by getting your foods from these stores. Again, you’ll be buying large quantities, but if you use large quantities, it can be well worth it. Some of these restaurant supply places will require a business license, as they are wholesale only, but you may already have one.

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Buy direct. You can often get your organically grown foods direct from the grower or farmer. You can do this either at your local farmer’s market or you can go straight to the source on occasion. Check out to find more info on how to connect with your local organic foods provider.

These tips can save you substantial money on your healthy and organically produced food. A healthy diet is one of the most important parts of your fat loss routine, but you shouldn’t have to sell one of your kids in order to eat right.

Until Next Time……………………Lose Your Belly Fat!