Why Some Fish You Eat Has Almost No Omega-3, and Might Actually Be Dangerous to Eat!

Many health experts extol the benefits of eating fish. I eat it all the time. After all, fish is a fantastic source of complete protein and is loaded with the Omega-3 fatty acids that we’re always being told are great for our cardio-vascular systems. Studies and anecdotal evidence has even show that Omega-3s can help […]

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How to Lose Weight Fast – Start Counting

One of the things that people with a few extra pounds hanging around their waist want to know is how to lose weight fast, as if they can just do this or that and watch the pounds fall away in a couple of days. While that would be great, it all comes down to the […]

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Morning Wake and Power Breakfast Shake

Here is a great shake you can make in the morning that will get you started on the right foot. It will power your body with nutrients for the day, and keep you going without making you feel heavy. It will get your metabolism going so you burn fat from the beginning. It’s also full […]

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Foods That Speed Metabolism

Foods That Speed Metabolism
Metabolism Unlocks Your Fat Loss Door
Here is one of the big secrets to weight loss, except that it isn’t really such a secret:

Your metabolism, or more correctly, your metabolic rate, is one of the primary factors that will influence weather you lose weight or not. One of the keys to speeding your […]

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New Changes to School Lunch Programs Could Start Kids Eating Right

Proposed changes to federal legislation governing school lunch programs, the Child Nutrition Act,  would put them under the direct control of the FDA. While this represents a broad expansion of federal government power into an area traditionally the province of state and local governments, it could help the nation’s children eat a more balanced diet.

Increases […]

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A Fat Loss Mistake Many People Make – And How to Avoid It

One of the most common fat loss mistakes people make is they simply eat too much. Sure, they do everything that they read about here and other places; you know, eat small meals, only eat low glycemic index carbs, no carbs after dinner, plenty of protein and good fats in their diet, the whole gamut. […]

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Is Chocolate Bad For Your Health?

Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite treats. It is especially popular in North America and Western Europe. Americans alone gobbled down over 3 billion pounds of chocolate last year, and yes, that is billion with a “B”. The most chocolate indulgers are the Swiss and Austrians, whose citizens average over 20lbs per person each […]

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Healthy Fast Food Choices – You Can Lose Weight on a Fast Food Diet

Healthy Fast Food Diet Choices

It’s a fact of life today that too many people rely on a fast food diet to keep them going. The demands of time, screaming kids, and sometimes outright laziness,  get us going up to the drive through window way more often than is nutritionally prudent. What if I told you […]

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The Last Supper – Even the Apostle’s Portion Sizes Are Growing (It’s Not Just Ours)

One of the things that the food industry has been criticized for in recent years has been dramatically increasing portion sizes. Experts point to this as another contributing factor to the obesity problem in the U.S.  Lo and behold, it looks as if the problem may not have been spawned by MickeyD’s supersized portions after […]

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Athlete Nutrition – How Eating Like an Athlete Can Make You Leaner, Stronger, and Faster, Even if You Never Set Foot on the Field (and When It Can’t)

Many people think athlete nutrition means eating like Michael Phelps; 12,000 calories a day of just about anything you want. While that may be true for an elite level, 22 year old athlete that swims 2 or 3 miles a day in 100 and 200 meter chunks, that diet plan simply won’t work for the […]

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First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks on Healthy Food Choices for Kids – Is She Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

First Lady Michelle Obama was out today, talking to a meeting of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. She said they need to re-formulate and repackage their wares so they are healthier for America’s children. While she has a great point, and improving the eating habits of America’s children (and their parents) is definitely a laudable goal, […]

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How to Keep From Gaining Weight Back After You’ve Lost It

It’s no secret; losing weight can be incredibly difficult. Obesity is now one of the most serious health problems in the United States, with approximately one third of the population being classified as obese. A quick look around can help you confirm this for yourself.

Why are so many more people overweight now than 30 years […]

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