Here is a quick weight loss tip; don’t eyeball your food. Now by that I’m definitely not saying don’t look at your food before your eat it. How much fun would that be? What would you do; eat in a dark room?

No, what I’m saying is that in order to get some semblance of portion control, don’t just eyeball your portion sizes. You know, the “That’s about enough, right there.” school of portion control. It’s so true that, especially if you’re eating many different things at the same meal, little portions can add up into a huge meal. Larger ones add up even faster.

It will take a bit of extra time, but not too much, especially for the results you’ll get in your weight loss efforts. The problem is that it’s virtually impossible to get the same portion size every time. Even worse even if you’re fairly successful, the actual weight of your portion could be off by 20 – 30% pretty darn easily.

That means that one day you could be eating a portion that had 200 calories, while the next day it would have 260 calories. Not good if you’re trying to drop some pounds and get leaner. At the very least, you should use measuring cups to control portion sizes for food that you can scoop up.

Even better is to actually weigh your portions. That will take away the variability that’s present in volume measuring. There are some great scales out there. My daughter is diabetic and when was diagnosed we got one of those fancy digital food scales with a built-in database.

That thing is fantastic! It will tell you the exact calorie content and nutritional characteristics of whatever you put on it that is in the database. You just have to key in the food. The database is huge, and you can add in your own stuff pretty easily in the event your special anchovy and black olive pizza with the 9-grain crust isn’t in there.

There are several on the market that do virtually the same thing. You should consider taking a look at one of them. If you don’t, at least try to actually measure as much of your food as possible. It’s super simple to do and can pay huge dividends (since no companies are paying them any more, they may be the only dividends you’ll see for a while) to your fat burning efforts, with no more effort on your part.

You can check out some of those really cool, fat busting scales –

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