The Latest Atkins Diet Book, The New Atkins, For a New You, continues the low carb diet craze, whcih has turned out not to be a craze after all.

The Atkins diet is like Kleenex or Xerox. In the minds of many it is a generic term for the low carb diet. People say “I’m going on the Atkins Diet” when they’re not really going on the Atkins diet, they’re just cutting out most of their carbs. That’s when you know something has been ultra successful.

There have been several Atkins Diet books published since the original back in 1972, and two more have been published since his unfortunate death in 2003. Now a third can be added to that pair, The New Atkins. Subtitled “For a Healthy, New You” this latest version digs into the reams of data that has been generated in the last decade from low carb diet research. Many of those studies I have referenced in this blog. I can delude myself into thinking the author, Duke University professor Dr. Eric Westman, is a regular reader here.

What has Dr. Westman come up with, and is this new edition any different from the last? It is easier to follow and draws heavily on the latest research. There has been plenty of research done in this field since the earliest books have been written, most of which shows the power of limiting carbs and eating plenty of fat.

The Healthy New You edition has all new recipes and 24 weeks of meals for you to follow. It is easier to follow because there are so many food choices in this one, and it has been subtly revised to account for results of the latest research, which increases it’s effectiveness. They also claim it is easier to follow than the original, but I never read the original, so I can not verify that claim.

The book does make me feel good however (and that is definitely important), because it espouses the things I’ve been talking about here since I started posting. The New Atkins for a New You changes the Atkins paradigm somewhat from the original, “super low carb, eat all the saturated fat you want” mantra they’ve dealt since the original was released in the ’70’s. Here are some of the changes that they have made for latest release:

  • Greater emphasis on “whole”, minimally processed foods.
  • Stresses eating mostly healthy fats, such as mono and poly unsaturated fats high in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • More focused on eating traditional healthy foods, such fresh vegetables, lean protein, fruits, and whole grains, and getting carbs from low glycemic sources.
  • More flexible, so it fits with people’s hectic, modern lifestyles.

Those are exactly what I have been ranting and raving about since the beginning of Belly Fat Loser, so having them echoed by a new book like this makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

There is a great and very informative review (I would expect there soon to be many more) on Amazon on this new version.

To see it (them?) click here now.