One thing few people have plenty of these days is time. That partially accounts for the growth of protein bars such as those from MetRx, Power Bar, and Detour. One thing’s for sure; they taste great. The top protein bars also give you a fairly well balanced shot of quick nutrition too. It’s perfect when you worked on your presentation right up until you you were supposed to be sweating it out in the conference room in front of your department head and biggest client. In those cases, a protein bar is lunch.

So, what could possibly be hiding in these little bars of health that could cause problems. Well, there are two things that you’ll find in these protein bars that should really not be found in anything that you eat too much of; sugar and saturated fat. Some protein bars have 20 – 40 grams of sugar. You have to look at the nutrition label to discern weather or not your favorite bar is packing that kind of sugar punch, but be advised that many are.

For example, while MetRX Big 100 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars do come loaded with 27g of their METAMYOSYN Protein blend, they also contain 25g of sugar and 50 grams of carbs per bar. Other bars would be a better choice, many of which either have less, or almost no sugar. The company’s own Protein Plus bars would be a better choice, with more protein and only 1 – 3 grams of sugar. Most of the top protein bar manufacturers have lower sugar alternatives to their high sugar varieties, just make sure you look before you bite.

The other badie you’ll find hiding in your protein bar is saturated fat. You’d think that saturated fat has no place in a health oriented product, and you’d probably be right. The fact is that it’s pretty tough to find a protein bar that doesn’t have a t least a small amount of the stuff. Mucyh of th saturated fat comes form one common ingredient “fractionated palm kernel oil”.

Fractionated palm kernel oil is used to keep that omnipresent chocolate coating from melting off in the package or your hands. The problem is that palm kernel oil isn’t the most healthy oil anyway, and the fractionating process makes it worse. Fractionating is a heating process that allows th oil to be separated into thicker and thinner portions. It also raises the percentage of saturated fat in the portion that gets used in the bars.

So, when you’re standing in line in the 7-11 or Circle K picking up today’s lunch, remember to look for the hidden ingredients you’d think wouldn’t be found in a top protein bar or any other health product. Go to your health food store and look for a bar that you like the taste of, and doesn’t contain so many of the killer ingredients. Then order it by the case, you’ll save a fortune, and that’s important these days.

Until next time…….Lose Your Belly Fat!