If you're looking for a compact exercise solution, the new for 2011 Smooth CE3.0DS may be the answer you've been looking for.

Smooth Fitness, one of the leaders in elliptical trainers, has introduced a new, lower priced elliptical trainer that still encompasses all of the rugged build quality that has made them famous. The new 2011  Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical offers some interesting features.

For example, it converts into a stair climber for those of you that get bored doing the same, old, workouts day in and day out. If that is you, and I am certainly one who falls into that camp, it also has 16 different electronic programs that not only help fend off exercise boredom, but can help you target different results. Want to primarily increase cardio vascular endurance? Maybe you are chiefly trying to burn fat.

Whatever your fitness goals, the Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical can be a valuable partner in your quest. One of the problems frequently cited when looking at elliptical trainers is that they take up a huge amount of space. Indeed, my wife made me give my space hog Precor elliptical trainer to some friends, because it took up more than it’s share of space in our rec room. Too bad, because it was one of their spiffy, commercial units made for health clubs. I wouldn’t have had to worry with this new piece though, because it is dwarfed by the old beast.

For those of you living in smaller homes, apartments, and condos, that can be just the ticket to getting a multifunction trainer into your life. This is especially true if you live in a locale where the weather discourages you from getting any roadwork in outdoors in the winter months (and they are approaching fast). With an elliptical, you can spend a half hour watching Sports Center and get your cardio workout, while staying comfortably out of the rain, wind, sleet, and snow.

New Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical Features-

Earlier, I mentioned 16 different electronic programs that allow you to target specific fitness goals. Well, here are what this machine includes:

– Manual mode, where you just set the resistance and time you want, and get going.

– 6 preset programs that are tailor made for burning fat or increasing your cario endurance.

– 4 different heart rate control programs too. These allow you to keep your heart rate at the target level for exactly what you are trying to achieve. The fact that it can do that means that the machine has heart rate monitoring, another valuable feature that aids in meeting your fitness goals. The really cool thing is that the heart rate monitoring is wireless, so that you don’t have to keep gripping the handles to get accurate heart rate monitoring.

– 4 Custom courses. You can start with a nice warm up, then go for 20 minutes of radical, up and down hill climbs, or maybe have 45 minutes of steadily increasing resistance, followed by 5 minutes of steadily decreasing resistance for a cool down period. It is totally up to you with the machine’s custom programs.

– Body fat calculator. You know what a fanatic I am about losing boy fat, vs just losing weight. Just jumping on the scale gives only part of the picture. You really need to know your body fat percentage to take the true measure of your progress. I am also a big fan of resistance training, and you could easily be gaining muscle, while losing fat, causing your overall body weight to change less than you would expect from your improved body composition. Of course, you can also get this functionality in a bathroom scale these days, but if you don’t have one of those, this will definitely do the trick.

– Magnetic braking gives really smooth resistance, unlike friction based resistance.

– 21 inch stride length – Although the unit has a compact footprint, it has a full, 21inch length, just like the aforementioned commercial elliptical units. That means you don’t have to compromise your workout to save space.

– Large, multi color LCD display screen – This gives a detailed, almost entertaining view of your workout progress an parameters. There is no built-in TV like you get with some more expensive units, but if you bought one of those before the transition to digital rendered the old analog TV tuner in it worthless, you’ll probably be glad you saved the additional money. For the money you saved, you could get a nice 24in flat screen TV at Costco or Sam’s Club, and a wall mount to go with it. It would be much better than the skimpy, 6” screen you’d get on the display of any gym machine.

– Cup holder – Hey, it’s just like your minivan, only it has one, not 12!

What’s not there?

There are a few things the new Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical is missing, like the built-in TV, but on the whole that is probably a plus, because it allows them to keep the price down to a level where mere mortals can afford to own one, even if your bonus isn’t what it used to be. For example, you can’t plug in your iPOD, but you can always use the headphones you already have, so no big loss there. It only has a 2 color LCD display, not a full color one, but those things cost money too, and how much time do you really want to spend staring at that thing anyway?

On the whole, the Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical is a very solid entry in the high quality elliptical trainer market, letting you get into a full featured, yet compact trainer from one of the industry leaders for not much more than you’d spend for one of the off shore, bargain basement brands.

Warranty: The Smooth has anindustry leading warranty with a lifetime on frame, 2 years on braking system, 2 years all parts and 2 years of in-home service

Click here now to check it out. As an added bonus, Smooth Fitness is having a whopping 45% off introductory special for this new, 2011 trainer.