It’s true, the mere presence of excess belly fat can actually make you hungrier. According to research released last year by Dr. Yaiping Yang and his fellow researchers at the Lawson Health Research Institute, part of the University of Western Ontario, more fat in the abdominal area can actually make you want to eat more. Obviously this isn’t going to be a great help if you’re trying to lose fat. Knowing about it can help however.

There is a hormone, Neuropeptide Y (NPY) that has been thought for years to increase the appetite in obese people. Conventional scientific wisdom holds that this hormone is only produced by your brain. However this new study indicates that that is out the window, just like past scientific theories, such as a flat earth. Dr, Yang’s research shows that this hormone is actually produced by abdominal fat tissue.

Oh, and it gets worse from there. The hormone NPY is actually the most powerful appetite stimulant hormone, so any increased production of it will definitely make you want to eat. The bad news continues from there, too. Not only will this hormone make you want to take a trip to Wendys with a stop at MikeyD’s on the way,  it will actually make you have more fat cells.

Fat cells cannot increase in number by replication. However, you can have an excess of the hormone NPY which not only makes you hungry, it actually generates the production of fat precursor cells, which actually turn into new fat cells. Yes, that really sucks.

That only points to another reason why  it’s is essential to get rid of belly fat ASAP. Not only is it unhealthy, but it can actually cause more of itself, in some sort of sick, vicious circle. It’s like spiraling down a fat drain. Now that you know about this effect of belly fat it will be easier to recognize the cause of your increased desire to eat, and  give even more motivation for getting rid of your belly fat.

Until next time……………Lose Your Belly Fat!