Turmeric Fat Loss Discovery May Help You Lose Fat Faster

Did you know there is a common spice you may already have in your kitchen that may help you lose fat faster and easier? It’s true; the spice turmeric has a compound, called curcumin, that new research has shown actually starve fat cells, preventing their growth and making you lose weight. That doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want, just add a dash of tumeric, and watch your fat melt away like never before.

Government Nutrition

What it does mean is that there may be a new tool to help you lose fat easier, though. Fat loss is a real Achilles heel for many people, so any new breakthrough that may help is welcome indeed. The study that led to this discovery was led by nutritionist Mohsen Meydani at the US Government’s USDA Jean Meyer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tuft’s University in Boston. One presumes they know their stuff.

The research began as so many human nutrition research studies do; with mice. These mice were fed 3 different diets, the worst of which was about 4 times the fat content of a typical mouse diet. The amazing thing is that when researchers included a small amount of the tumeric derived agent in the mouse diet, they actually lost weight, although one would have expected weight gain. Even better, the weight loss was entirely due to fat loss.

That’s great stuff!

It works because it actually starves the fat cells, causing them to shrivel and die. Take that! Similar to the effect of many new cancer drugs in tumors, the curcumin inhibits blood vessel growth in fat cells, causing them to starve and shrink. Now, research is underway to determine the efficacy of such compounds on humans.  It could lead to a whole new class of fat loss supplements that actually cause fat cells to shrink. It seems as though the research would be pretty darned easy; simply add some turmeric to your diet, and check for fat loss. I’ll report back soon!