Glass of milk

Another study extolls the fat loss benefits of dairy products. They are not takling ice cream, but study participants that ate extra cheese, yogurt or low fat milk lost more weight. Probably not a good idea for the lactose intollerant.

I have been a proponent of using low fat yogurt as part of a fat loss and muscle building diet for some time now. My personal experience and numerous studies indicate it works great. Now there is a new study, this one by some scientists down under at Curtin University of Technology, one of Australia’s largest technical universities.

The study lasted for 12 weeks, and examined the effects of a dietary change from consuming the recommended 3 servings of dairy per day, and increasing it to 5 daily servings. The research team discovered that the 2 additional servings significantly contributed to what we’re all trying for; decreased abdominal fat levels. In fact, study subjects experienced a decrease in blood pressure, and a decrease in overall body fat levels.

Take note that the test subjects did not just add two additional glasses of liquid moo to their diets. No, they were on reduced calorie diets, and had their caloric intakes normalized. That means that you do have to reduce your calories to the recommended levels for weight loss (but no more), and if you do so the optimum calorie diet with the 5 servings of dairy will be better for losing fat than the diet with only 3 servings.

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