Havard University has just released the results of their latest weight loss study with some surprising results. According to the study, conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health and the National Institute of Health, what you eat doesn’t matter when it comes to losing weight. It only matters how many calories you eat.  You could eat a diet of complete garbage, consisting of Almond Joy Bar Pizza and Regular Coke, and if you ate few enough calories you’d still lose weight.

You know, that’s not really a revelation. We knew that all along. The problem is that the study didn’t look at how much fat was burned and it didn’t look at how the people looked when they were done, or more important, how easy it was to keep the weight off for the long term.

The participants were fed one of 4 diets featuring meals with a different ratio of fat, carbohydrate and protein content. The meal plans’ total caloric intake typically fell in the range of 1,400 – 2,000 calories, depending on the individual.  After two years, the study found that the participants’ average weight loss of 9 pounds and average waist loss of 2 inches was the same across the board no matter which of the four diets was being followed.  The Harvard researchers conclusion: It all comes down to the caloric intake. Calories out grerater than calories in equals weight loss, any sixth grader knows that.

That’s common sense, but what about the ability to keep off the weight, your overall health, and how those abs look? If you pack on some muscle as you’re losing weight through resistance exercise it will help you lose weight faster because the calorie out portion of the equation will be much larger. You’ll also look better when the fat finally goes away, which will happen faster if you eat right and exercise.

Not only can you help stimulate your metabolism, but you can eat low calorie foods that are better for your overall health, and help you stay feeling full. Instead of eating a big piece of 4 meat, extra cheese pizza that’s 1,250 calories, you can eat some seasoned, grilled chicken and vegetables for 350. You’ll feel just as full, have far less saturated fat in your diet, and be better off overall.

Until next time…..Lose Your Belly Fat!