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What is The Best Way to Burn Calories? – What Research Says

What is The Best Way to Burn Calories?
What Research Says
“ What is the best way to burn calories? ” It’s probably the single most common question I get asked. What most people fail to realize is that it’s just not that simple. They typically mean “What is the best EXERCISE to burn calories?”, but invariably they’re […]

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Women’s Weight Training Routine for Max Fat Loss

Women’s Weight Training Routine for Maximum Fat Loss
Training Level: Intermediate – Effectiveness: Through the roof!
In years gone by, women were told never to lift weights, because it would give them a big, muscle packed body that was anything but feminine. Well, we now know that that’s just pure crap! Women can follow a weight training program […]

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How Many Calories Do Squats or Power Cleans Burn?

How Many Calories Do Squats or Power Cleans Burn?
I’m often asked how many calories different weight training movements burn. The big, compound movements, such bench press, squat, and power cleans can use significant amounts of weight, and one would think, burn plenty o’ calories. In case you’ve been sleeping during my rants however…. It’s not […]

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Foods to Increase Testosterone and Help You Lose Belly Fat

Foods to Increase Testosterone and Help You Lose Belly Fat

Are There Foods to Increase Testosterone?
Judging by the sharp rise in radio ads on increasing testosterone, “Low-T”, and “men’s clinics”, many people have finally realized that boosting testosterone levels can help middle aged men loose fat, gain muscle, and become more studly in the bedroom. If […]

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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Once and For All and Get an Early Start on Your New Year’s Resolution

‘Tis the season to get rid of belly fat. Actually, that starts next week. This is still the season to gain it for most people. They’ll be making all sorts of promises they have every intention of, but little chance of actually keeping vis-a-vis their fat loss goals for the new year. Here is how […]

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Cardio or Weights to Burn Fat? It May Not Be What You Think

Cardio or Weights to Burn Fat?

Cardio or weights to burn fat if you’re going to do only one? That is the question. I’ve come down on the side of weights here at BFL, on the theory that you need muscle to do the actual burning. After all, it’s your metabolic fires that actually melt away […]

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Fun Workouts That Burn Fat for Summer

Okay, despite the kind of icy temperatures we’re enduring in the top half of the country this spring, summer’s almost here. You know what that means: mercury rising, outdoor activities, and a renewed push to burn fat left over from a winter of relative inactivity and too many second helpings.

Sure, burning off your extra fat […]

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Cinnamon and Weight Loss – A Match Made in Heaven?

Cinnamon and Weight Loss – Heavenly Match?
As America and much of the western world grows more obese every year, many people are looking to discover the reasons why. In many cases, the reason comes down to one main culprit; diet. Too many processed foods with too much refined sugar and other high glycemic index carbohydrates. […]

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How to Lose Belly Fat – Super Easy Ways to Fight Fat Everyday

Belly fat is somewhat of a dirty word these days, and with good reason. Science is discovering that it is much more dangerous than other kinds of fat. Belly fat is a concentration of visceral fat in your abdominal region. Visceral fat is packed around your internal organs, potentially contributing to a plethora of problems, […]

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The Best Elliptical Workouts – Heart Healthy, But a Waste of Time to Burn Fat

The Best Elliptical Workouts to Burn Fat
What? Elliptical trainers are a waste of time when it comes to burning fat? Why are all the people at your gym lined up to ride these things for an hour if it doesn’t burn fat? That being said, what are the best elliptical workouts to burn fat?

Well, to […]

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How a Body Fat Calculator Can Make Your Fat Loss Easier

Everybody talks about losing weight, but in nearly every case what they really mean is losing fat. One thing that make losing fat much easier is to know what your body fat percentage is to start with. To know that you need a body fat calculator. Your body fat percentage is exactly what it sounds […]

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Top Foods That Burn Fat

So, you want to lose some of that fat, do you? Welcome to the party! Millions of people are looking to lose fat at any given time, and for most, it is within their grasp if they make some small changes. If you want to burn off 20 or 30 lbs, you can make it […]

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