Here are 3 great foods that help to lose belly fat. Keep in mind that although you can eat comparatively large quantities of these foods, that does not mean they’re a license to go Kobayashi. They are a fantastic help when it comes to losing fat though. Remember that while the goal is to lose your belly fat, you can’t actually spot reduce. You’ll just be losing fat from everywhere, and that’s no bad thing, is it?

Here are my top 3 favorite foods that help lose belly fat.

Belly Fat Losing Food 1 -Green Tea –
Sure, it’s all the rage these days. I mean, you can even get a patch for it now. The efficacy of said patch not withstanding, when you drink the stuff, it can be really effective at giving you a mild metabolic boost, helping satiate you so you feel less like eating, and providing an extra-large helping of anti-oxidants.

To make it even better, unlike some of the highly touted supplements, Green Tea is damn cheap, and that’s pretty important in our current economy. Get it at your local warehouse foods store, your neighborhood Costco, Sam’s Club, or anywhere else you can find it in bulk and you can pay less than .10 per bag.

Leave it in boiling water for 30 seconds to a minute. Some claim it can get bitter if left too long. A Ja[panese University study found some pretty amazing halth benefits for Green Tea, the catch being that you have to consume the equivalent of 4 cups daily (which I do).

Belly Fat Losing Food 2 -Yogurt –
Yes, I’m talking about the stuff that tastes like smooth, creamy ice cream! Yogurt has actually been proven in academic studies to be extremely effective in promoting fat loss. One important caveat here; get the kind that’s packin’ no extra sugar. There is some great natural yogurt that is sweetened with fruit juice, or grab some with the artificial, chemistry set sweetener of your choice, but no sugar.

A 2005 study performed at the University of Tennessee revealed that Yogurt lost (sit down) 61% more body fat than the control group. The Vols also discovered that the yogurt eaters experienced spared muscle mass while losing weight. You’ll love that if you’ve ever shed hard earned muscle while trying to lose fat.

Belly Fat Losing Food 3 -Skim Milk –
Yep, drink your watery milk, because it really helps you lose fat and as an added bonus, gain muscle too. In 2007 a university study showed that skim milk drinkers engaged in a weight lifting program lost twice as much body fat as the non-milk control group, and gained 40% more muscle. “Well, sure”, you say “There’s tons of protein in the milk, that’s why they gained so much more muscle.”

Not so fast, Ace! They performed tremendously outperformed the other group in the study. The one that was given an amount of soy protein equivalent to the amount of protein found in the skim milk! So there. Drink your milk, just like Mom said.

These foods will help you lose belly fat (and any other fat you have laying around, too) and even promote muscle growth that’s essential for losing fat faster, and keeping it off longer. But don’t think you can just eat as much of it as you want. You should still maintain a sensible level of caloric intake while watching the pounds drop off.

Until next time…..lose that belly fat!