What are Thermogenics, and Can They Actually Melt the Fat From Your Body?

What do thermogenics do, and can they help you burn fat? What are the best Thermogenics? Thermogenisis is the process of metabolic induced heat generation in the body. Thermogenics are foods that either do, or are purported to cause thermogenisis. Why would anyone want this to occur? After all, isn’t body temperature self-regulating? Will it keep you warm in blizzard?

Your comfort in adverse weather conditions aside, the reason that people want substances that can induce thermogenisis is because as the fires of your body’s metabolism are stoked, the fuel they are most apt to burn is body fat.

In fact, keeping your basal metabolic rate elevated is one of the ways proven most effective at reducing body fat. Since that what thermogenics do, it stands to reason that they will help you burn off extra fat. Their effectiveness is due to the fact that when your body’s metabolic rate is higher, it burns more calories 24/7, so you are burning more calories even when you are not active. So when you’re sitting at your desk or asleep in bed, you are burning more fat then if your metabolic rate was lower. Because a higher metabolic rate is at work all the time, it does not have to burn very many extra calories per minute to add up to quite a few additional calories burned during the course of an entire day.

How Can I Make Thermogenesis Happen?

Are there foods or supplements that can induce this condition to occur? After all, we all want the simple, pill cure for every conceivable malady, including being a bit too fat. However, there are several foods and substances that have been shown, with various amounts of scientific proof, to cause the body’s metabolic fires to be ramped up.

Before you get excited and start jumping about (that will actually constitute exercise, and you wouldn’t want that!) you should be aware that some of these fat burners are effective, but have serious safety concerns. Some have caused problems up to, and including, death.

The best known of these problem thermogenics is probably ephedra. In fact, it was blamed for so many deaths, it has actually been banned in many countries, including the U.S. and Canada.

The Best Thermogenics

Some popular thermogenics that fat losers swear by include caffeine, Guarana, ginseng, Cayenne pepper, and Coleus forskholii. These have been shown to assist in fat burning with various levels of success.

Guarana is a South American plant that contains theobromine and theophylline. These alkaloids help suppress appetite, helping fat reduction, in addition to whatever thermogenic effect is generated by the plant itself. It is highly popular, and is used in numerous energy drinks and “fat burner” type supplements.

Guarana derives much of its thermogenic effect from the chemical guaranine, a very close cousin to caffeine. Guaranine affects the body much as caffeine does, and while it is a highly effective fat burning compound, can contribute to insomnia, anxiety, trembling, and heart palpitations. I don’t know if that is a fair trade or not.

Green tea has been used for millennia by the Chinese for any number of medicinal and social purposes. It’s use a fat burning substance is relatively more recent. After all, the supplement industry is only about 3 decades old! Green tea is now one of the most popular fat burning substances. It can be found everywhere, it is really inexpensive, and is a powerful antioxidant. It’s antioxidant qualities help to promote general health and fight off some disease. Green tea’s thermogenic properties stem primarily from its caffeine content.

Cayenne pepper is not only great at repelling assailants, it can be used as a fat burner and metabolic booster. Its main active ingredient in both of these tasks is the compound capsaicin. Capsaicin also has the side effect of stimulating the circulatory system, which may improve athletic performance. It may also be effective at dulling pain signals from inflamed joints, thereby helping the athlete who’s trying to overcome temporary joint problems.

While Cayenne pepper has been sought for its medicinal qualities for hundreds of years, something much newer to the fat burning scene is Coleus forskholii, a herb that has been around for many years, but is just being pressed into duty as a thermogenic. It works in a different way than caffeine or Guarana. CF causes an increase in the level of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). cAMP actually causes the body to burn previously stored fat. It is able to do this without affecting the body’s central nervous system, unlike most other fat burners and metabolic stimulators.

Bitter Orange – Another thermogenic fat burning compound, bitter orange, is found in many thermogenic supplements. Bitter orange contains the compound synephrine. Synephrine, a central nervous system stimulant, depresses appetite and stimulates the body’s metabolism. It appears to have some effectiveness as a fat burner, but the jury is still out on the safety of bitter orange. Some recent research on bitter orange indicates that biter orange actually stimulates the beta-3 andrenergic receptors and cause Lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process of breaking down stored fat and having it enter the bloodstream, where they are then used for energy. Bitter orange has been added to some of the popular fat burning supplements out there, now that some of the other herbal thermogenic compounds have been banned by the FDA.

Thermogenic Supplements – Do They Work?

There are also dozens of fat burning and thermogenic supplements on the market today, such as Hydoxycut Hardcore, Lipo 6, Universal Animal Cuts, and many more. Most of these contain some amount of the above ingredients.

Best commercially available thermogenics.

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