HGH is in the news all the time these days, usually when this pro athlete or that gets caught with their pants down. Mark McGuire’s brother doing a Shakespeare notwithstanding, does HGH have some benefits for the average person trying to lose fat? More to the point, if it does have a benefit can you maximize your body’s own production of HGH to help accelerate the burning of stored body fat?

Well, many controlled research studies have proved the efficacy of HGH to help reduce body fat among other wonders. Even better is that is does so while sparing lean tissue. That muscle is essential for preventing the recurrence of the blubbery mass you’re working so diligently to displace. So, how can you make your body produce HGH so the pounds of fat can melt away?

Well, sorry, it doesn’t work quite like that. HGH is a hormone produced in your pituitary gland, which sits right at the base of the ole noggin’. As its name suggests, growth is this hormone’s Raison d’être. Most of the growing it controls occurs as you’re young, although your pituitary continues to produce the hormone, far less of it is secreted into your blood as you grow older.

Studies at St. Thomas Hospital in London  and University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill both demonstrated increased muscle mass and decreased body fat levels over the control groups who took no HGH supplementation. You’ll note that both of those studies had something that you don’t; medical supervision. That’s the reason that if you want to seek the fat loss and muscle gain benefits of HGH, you don’t don’t ask Brian McNamee.

No, you actually sweet talk your own body into releasing some more of the stuff for you. Two of the most important things you can do to ensure maximum GH release are exercise and proper sleep. That’s one reason why getting enough sleep is so essential for maximum fat loss. Now, about the exercise part of the equation…..

While almost any exercise will cause some HGH release, you’re looking to generate the maximum fat loss in the minimum amount of time. Although it might also be called torture, one kind of training routine that effectively stimulates relatively large amounts of HGH release is moderately high rep resistance training. It is imperative that your training routine causes high levels of lactic acid to build up. You’ll be well aware of it because it causes that burning sensation in your muscles. It is the lactic acid build up that triggers the body to release HGH.

Supersets, or multiple sets of exercises performed back to back, are especially effective at generating lactic acid build up. To really make things work, choose opposing muscle groups, such as chest and back. As an example, you’d do a set of 25 reps of incline dumbbell bench presses, followed by a killer set of 25 seated cable rows.  It’s important that you go to failure on these and really feel the burn to maximize lactic acid buildup. Oh, wait, you’re not done yet. After you’ve done the second part of the set, it’s time to get back on the incline bench again.

You want to do a couple of these back to back super sets, then rest for a couple of minutes. Your training weight will drop dramatically, as your muscle’s ability to handle the weight virtually collapses as the lactic acid levels in the blood increase.

To make this work you need to do the routine after a fast, i.e. on an empty stomach, so your blood glucose levels are low. If that doesn’t work for you, make sure you haven’t eaten anything for the two hours prior to training. You don’t want to work out like this only to have elevated blood glucose levels short circuit your HGH release efforts.

This sort of routine should be easily complete in only about 20 minutes, maybe a hair longer. You’ll elevate your body’s natural HGH release. This, coupled with the exercise will peel the fat from your belly like nobody’s business.

Until next time…….lose your belly fat!