Adjustable Dumbbells - Just the Ticket for Transofrming Your Body in Time for Summer

Adjustable Dumbbells - Just the Ticket for Transofrming Your Body in Time for Summer

There’s no arguing that dumbbells are extremely effective, weather you’re using to build muscle, lose fat, or a little of both. The problems with dumbbells are that a complete series takes up a bit of space and can take quite a bit out of your wallet, too.

Enter the adjustable dumbbell! First making their debut about 10 years ago, these allow a complete dumbbell series to be stored in the same space that only a single pair requires. That’s progress! I have a Powerblock 5 – 90lb set that effectively lets me do about anything I want. Changing the weight is only marginally slower than walking over to your 6 foot long dumbbell rack and grabbing a different set. After a single use, I was hooked.

My set came with a convenient stand and integrated, adjustable incline / flat bench. The combination is extremely versatile, while taking up less space than a standard incline bench with attached barbell standards.

They are also a lot lighter, which is nice when you have to move them. My set weighs in at 190lbs for both, including the extra 5lb handles. If you had a compete series from 5 – 90 lbs, it would weigh a staggering 1,640lbs, not including the requisite rack. You better be in outstanding shape to relocate that, and you’d have to take a dedicated trip in a car or truck just to haul that much weight.

The cost is another advantage. If you had hex dumbbells, they sell for about 50 cents per pound, so you’d be into a 5 – 90 lb series for about $800. I don’t know about you, but in today’s economy that’s a chunk of change for most people. The Powerblock 5 – 90 lb series is about ½ that much. You can also get 5 – 50lb series, which for many people would be more than what’s needed to get a heck of a workout.

These are several manufacturers of these besides Powerblocks. Wieder has some that work a slightly different principle. They have a rotary selector knob, which is nice, because you don’t have to remove a pit to change the weight, as you do with the powerblock units. Either way you’ll be getting basically a complete gym that you can fit in the corner of your room, at a very low price. Compare it to a health club membership. I just checked the local Gold’s and it is a very nice facility, but $85 a month for a single….Yikes!
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