Well they aren’t actually having Jillian and Bob train new recruits, but they’ve had such a number of fat recruits in the last few years they’re having a problem meeting recruiting goals. A report released this morning by the AP says that almost 50,ooo potential new army recruits flunked the entrance exam due to their portly condition. That’s almost 50,000 new soldiers that aren’t serving in the army because they were just plain too fat to get in. It paints a rather disgusting picture for our nation and its eating habits. To solve this dilemma, the army is going to use a “Biggest Loser” style fat camp where new recruits can go to drop the pounds and up their physical condition before they hit boot camp. Think of it, a boot camp to get you into boot camp. At least the soldiers that come out of that should be much more ready to get whipped into shape by their real drill instructor.

Major General Thomas Bostic, boss of the Army Recruiting Command said “We are looking at the Army Prep School as a place where we might send some (recruits) that have weight issues,” as it’s in South Carolina, the heat and humidity in the summer months should give the new army recruits plenty of time to ponder the folly of their past nutritional decisions. Maybe playing their PS3s every day after school, instead of going to football and track practice wasn’t such a good idea after all. In the end though, they will be in much better health before they lug themselves around the PT course with the less-fit/fat recruits.

Here’s hoping that if you’re about to enter the army, you’re not going to stop by for a visit to South Carolina first.

Until next time……lose your belly fat.