Healthy Recipe Substitutions for Delicious Meals

Lets You Eat Good In More Ways Than One

Most of us in the western world are blessed with a dizzying array of food whenever we choose. Walk into any market and there is a variety that makes your head spin. Unless the sheer variety sends you into an analysis paralysis tailspin, this is a very good thing when it comes to your mission in the kitchen. There are healthy recipe substitutions that help you turn out some amazing meals that stroke your taste buds, but leave your heart and waistline unscathed.

Here are some of my favorite recipe swaps:

Brown Rice for White Rice

White rice has the nutrition processed right out of it. You’re left with precious little but empty carb calories. Not so hot, but fortunately there’s a cure right in the same aisle: brown rice. Brown rice has 11% fewer calories and 14% fewer carbs for an equal measure of white rice, but that’s not the best part. Brown rice has nearly 6 times the fiber content of white rice, 3 times the magnesium, and 50% more zinc.

Natural Peanut Butter for “Normal” Peanut Butter

“Normal” peanut butter is a sugar laden, hydrogenated oil disaster. No, it is, really. One of the leading peanut butters (I’ll call it “Brand J”) has 300% more sugar than a leading natural peanut butter (Brand “A”), combined with 13% less protein and 25% more carbs. That’s skewing your macros the wrong way.

Unsweetened Applesauce for Butter

No, I’m not talking about topping for your morning toast! This swap is strictly for baking, especially sweet breads. Note that sweet breads can only get so healthy. Cut half the butter and replace it with an applesauce/oil mixture. It’s an equal swap, so if you’re taking out a cup of butter, replace it with half a cup of the sauce and half a cup of oil. Use cold pressed, please. Lower calories, a little more fiber, and less saturated fat. All good!

Almond Flour for Wheat Flour / Pancake Mix

This is unreal for pancakes, leaving these traditional carbo bombs way down on the carb scale from where you’d typically find them. Oh, yeah, and it makes them taste unreal, too. They’re not only lower in carbs, but much higher in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. Yep, a win-win-win! Okay, so you can’t sub out all the pancake mix for the almond stuff, try about 1/2 of it.

Oatmeal for Pancake Mix

Just as with the above swap, you can change about half the pancake mix (or flour in totally from scratch pancakes or other baked goods) with old fashioned oatmeal. Don’t use the 1 minute stuff. You’ll get more fiber, and an all important lower glycemic index, and they taste great, too.


Losing fat is roughly 80% diet and 20% training. Let’s focus on healthy eating and recipes that make for delicious healthy eating. Stay tuned for more recipe swaps that make your favorite meals that much healthier, but still taste great. Get creative and look around when you’re shopping next time, and see what you can come up with, then let everyone know. What are your favorite healthy recipe substitutions?

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