Inexpensive Healthy Weight Loss Holiday Gift Ideas

Yep, it’s the holiday season, that time where our consumerist society prizes dipping into our wallets and spending on others for a change. There is no shortage of gifts available. Thanks to the Internet, you can get just about anything, even far out on the frontier. If those on your gift list have a healthy bent, or you’d just like guilt free giving, here are some terrific gifts that you can feel warm and fussy about giving, but won’t eat up your precious savings. You have enough stress already, and relaxation is one key to weight loss. If you’re stuck for ideas, these inexpensive healthy weight loss gifts could be perfect.


Infusion Water Bottle

I remember seeing these on Shark Tank a few years back and thinking it was an excellent idea. Flavored, bottled water can be a bank Healthy weight loss holiday gift : infusion water bottlebreaker, and often comes loaded with a bunch of extra chemicals I’d rather not ingest. Why work out and eat healthy, only to pour in a chemistry set of artificial crap with your flavored (but zero calorie!) H2O?

These babies let your water take on a hint or more of fruit flavor and probably grab a couple of vitamins in the process. Yum!! Just add purified water and fruit and you’re off and running… Oh, wait yesterday was leg day, maybe run tomorrow.

I like this one on Amazon. It’s BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about ditching the chemicals, only to pick up more from your bottle. It’s also got an insulating sleeve, so your drink stays cold. Doesn’t sound like much now, but in August, you’ll be lovin’ it!


Click here to see it.


Inflatable Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are perfect for adding an extra dimension to many workouts. They force your body to use those small, stabilizing muscles, soHealthy Weight Loss Holiday Gift : Inflatable Exercise Ball you’ll get more out of every rep. That, and they tell everyone who stops by that you’re workin’ out! Maybe the best thing is they give the kids an extra toy to play with when you’re not using them. They really rock at the beach. It’s like 2 gifts in one!

Use them under your back when doing tricep or dumbbell chest movements. Put them under your feet when doing pushups and under your lower back for ab work. Another exercise ball ab buster is holding them put in front of you when doing crunches or Russian twists. Yeah, you’ll feel those in the morning!

You know I’ve written plenty of times here about how everything flows through your core. An exercise ball is one of the best core training devices available, and a perfect healthy holiday gift too. It’s inexpensive goodness for the health conscious on your gift list.
Make sure it’s burst proof, and has grip ridges on it for added traction. I’ve found 65cm (25in for those of us in the US) is about the perfect size.

Here’s an excellent inflatable exercise ball on Amazon that ticks all the “perfect healthy gift” boxes.

Click here to see what people say about it on Amazon.


Exercise and Running Belt

This is perfect for any active soul on your list. It’s got enough space to store your big-ass smart phone or just about anything else when you’re running, climbing, or in the gym. Someone was smart enough to add in some reflective material so you’re even more visible while running down, since the sun’s down when you get up or home from work these days.

This one at Amazon really works well.


Bear Grips Wrist Wraps

This is perfect for the Crossfitter on your list. Cross fit has taken the world by storm, so chances are if you’ve got a fit freak on your list (or healthy weight loss holiday gifts : Bear Gripsyou are…) they’re into cross fit. Moving all that iron around can kill your wrists, so a bit of added support is just what the Dr ordered.

They’re made in the good ‘ole USofA and superb quality, although very reasonably priced. They keep the wrists supported during those endless power cleans, bench presses, jerks, and deadlifts crossfitters love. One cool thing is they include an optional use thumb hole you can keep on for extra support or remove if you prefer not to use it.

These Bear Grips wrist wraps have it all: premium brand, terrific construction, and low price. That spells gift-giving success.
Get a better look at them here

The holidays can be stressful time of year. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got more than enough stress in my life already. I don’t need the added pressure of trying to decide what gifts to give without blowing up my meager gift budget. Plus, it’s sure nice to get someone a gift that helps them get healthier and one they’ll use every day.


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