Lose Fat Quickly – Can I Do It Again?


The “How Did I Get Fat Again” Fat Loss Challenge

If you’ve ever wondered how to lose fat quickly, I sympathize, big time! When I got the ole belly fat back, it kind of snuck up and sucker punched me, right in the…. As you’ll notice from the accompanying photos, I’m not the belly fat loss poster child. If I ever was, that honor escaped long ago. After that realization hit, I decided to put my blubber out in the open.

What’s more, I am going to get rid of it, right here, in front of everybody. It may be a drastic step, but it’ll sure hold me accountable. Think I’m kidding? Just take a look at the “before” pictures below.

Crash and Burn in Front of Everyone

If I succeed, awesome! If I fail, I’ll do it right here, for all to see. (Don’t laugh, it’s not easy…) Either way, I’ll reveal exactly what I did and you’ll know if it worked or not. There’ll be no hiding under the table on this one. I’ll Tweet out progress reports and fat loss tips along the way, so follow me on Twitter, using the little bird icon on the left.

For the How Did I Get Fat Again Fat Loss Challenge, I’ll let you know what my weight is at each step of the way.. Although I’m just getting around to this post, I actually started July 1st, and the fat pictures are from that day. Hopefully the skinny pictures will be forthcoming soon. Until then, hide your eyes, the glare is brutal.

Old Man Weight Loss

Oh, and to make matters worse, I turned 50 this month! Yes, the big Five Oh, half a century, and the New 40. Last time I fought this battle was nearly a decade ago, and I’m sure you’ve figured out on your own, it’s not so easy the farther the clock ticks. Your metabolism slows down, and you start thinking all those Low-T ads on the radio are for you.

Blubber Boy Strikes Again

Okay, here goes….

I started July 1st. Although most people emphasize weight, I can tell you losing fat is much more important to me. Why? Simple, I weight almost exactly the same now as when I was 32, and in the best shape of my life. Actually, I’m a couple of pounds lighter now.

I can tell you there is no comparison to how I looked now and how I looked then. I recently got an old bank card picture from 1995. The difference was unreal. My neck must have ben 4in thicker than the pencil it’s become now! It was nearly the same shock I got as when I saw the pictures of me weighing 224lbs that motivated me to lose weight the first time. You’d think having to buy new pants would have done that….

Images can be powerful motivators for losing fat, or virtually anything else. Get some and tape them up where you can see them every day.

Can I lose fat quickly, or at all? We’ll soon see.

So, What do I Weigh Now?

July 1st, 2013

Weight: 193

Waist Size: 36

lose fat quickly - before view

Okay, here goes! Shield your eyes from the glare….

Do think I have a chance? Leave a comment and let me know.

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