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My new Fast Fat Loss book is now available for the Amazon Kindle. If you're looking for a comprehensive fat loss guide (without crazy diets, pills, or spending hours in the gym) with some motivation thrown in for good measure, check it out now.

This is an exciting milestone for me. I have been wanting to publish a new fat loss book for Amazon’s Kindle platform so people can have an easy to carry fat loss reference. The kindle is getting more and more popular, and people really seem to love the ability to have a multitude of books with them where ever they happen to be. The recent price drops from Amazon haven’t seem to hurt either.

If you’re struggling to lose fat, you know all too well that your busy home and family life makes it extra tough. This book reveals how you can lose fat fast (but not too fast), without any crazy diets, spending hours in the gym doing brutal cardio workouts, or emptying your bank account on expensive supplements.

There is a better way!
You can get the results you’ve been chasing for years, without turning your life upside down to get them.

Inside this book, you’ll discover:

-How Test Subjects in a Recent Major University Study Increased Their Strength an average of 30% WITHOUT EXERCISE – and How You Can Too!

-How You Can Improve Your Physical Endurance Over 20% – Again, Without Any Exercise

-The Answers to 22 of the Top Fat Loss Questions and How Knowing Them Will Help You Melt Away Fat Like Butter in the Hot Sun.

-Something that Causes Many People in the U.S. and around the world to Pack on Large Amounts of Body Fat, Year After Year. Hint: It’s not how many calories you eat, your exercise regimen (or lack of one), or your metabolism. You’ve Just Got to Hear About This!

– Many Small Changes You Can Make in Your Everyday Life That Will Knock Those Stubborn Pounds Off and Keep Them Away Forever. You Won’t Even Notice That You’re Doing Anything Different, But Everyone Else Sure Will!

– The 10 Delicious Foods You Can Eat As Much of as You Want To. Don’t Worry, They’ll Never Make You Fat!

The One Key to Effective fat Loss That Will Literally Force Your Body to Burn Fat, Even While You’re Asleep. It Works So Well, You Wouldn’t Be Able to Stop it, Even If You Wanted To. No, You Won’t Have to Take Any Pills or Drugs to Make This Work, Either.

– Why So Many People Are Going About Burning Fat the Absolute Wrong Way, and How You Can Avoid Their Fate.

– Why Conventional Wisdom About Getting Rid of Fat is So Often Wrong, and What You Can Do About It

– Why Spending Hours Running, on The Treadmill, or on the Bike Is NOT The Best Way to Get Rid of Your Fat, and More Importantly, What Is!

– The Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Losing Your Fat, and How to Eat More Delicious Food Than You Ever Thought Possible.

– Why Very Low Calorie Diets Are The Wrong Way to Lose Fat, and How You Can Never Go On a Diet Again – Without Getting Fat!

– The 5 Foods You Can Eat That Are Clinically Proven to Help You Burn Fat and Lose Weight – And They’re Delicious! You don’t have to eat slop or rabbit food to lose weight.

New Foods That Help You Stay Healthy, Lose Weight and Keep Fit.

– The Key Nutrient that’s Been Proven to Help You Burn Fat. You’re probably getting some every day, but according to most recent studies, not nearly enough. The proper level of this key fat loss nutrient will increase your basal metabolic rate, help you metabolize your fat, and increase your overall health.

– How to Tell Which Foods Are More Likely to Make You Gain Fat and How to Avoid Them – Without Going on a Diet.

– Why Some Fat is Healthy, but Other Fat Can Kill You. You need fat in your diet and it is absolutely essential to lose fat and operate at your peak….but how much and what kind? You’ll discover that too!

– The One Thing You Can Do in Your Kitchen That Will Help You Melt Away That Fat Forever. It Will Even Make You Live Longer, But It’s Not What You Think!

You really can lose your fat, and this book shows you how!

If you have a Kindle, or are thinking of getting one, you can see the book at Amazon now. Kindle Fast Fat Loss Book.

Thank you for your support!