Getting school kids to eat right from an early age could help them develop nutritional habits that would serve them well for life, but what about the kids that don't eat school lunches? Are they going to police brown bag lunches too?

Proposed changes to federal legislation governing school lunch programs, the Child Nutrition Act,  would put them under the direct control of the FDA. While this represents a broad expansion of federal government power into an area traditionally the province of state and local governments, it could help the nation’s children eat a more balanced diet.

Increases in federal government control of previously local and state matters notwithstanding, many children today develop bad eating habits which they carry with them to adulthood. Why is much of America obese? In most cases it is because poor dietary habits lead to gradual increases in body weight. Although gaining a mere 5lbs a year doesn’t seem like much, in a decade or so you’re 50 lbs past fighting weight.

One thought on the proposed new federal school lunch standards is that just because the FDA is going to standardize school nutrition programs doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be better, although it is certainly possible. Take a look at the recently replaced food pyramid, with it’s preponderance of grain. If we had a lunch program based upon that, we would see much of the obesity trend continue.

Thankfully, the old pyramid has been replaced with a much better one, but one wonders what new problems may arise with any revised standards. I may be showing a bit of bias here, but it seems like whenever politicians and bureaucrats get involved in setting standards, it takes too long and one or more outside influences invariably play too great a role in some aspects of the final decision.

As I posted a few weeks ago, parents should take some responsibility in what their children eat, and the nutritional habits they develop, and not leave everything to Uncle Sam. The nutritional information is there for the taking, if they would only spend the little time it takes to learn about it. Get  kids started young, because it’s very tough to change poor eating habits once they’ve gained a foothold. Speaking from experience, it isn’t a fun battle to fight.

Solid nutritional standards for out nation’s youth? I’m all for it. Now, if we can only do something about all those PE programs that seem to be dropping by the wayside……..