Top 10 Hip Hop & Rap Workout Tracks

Top 10 Hip Hop & Rap Workout Tracks
So, I’m old school…. before Hip-Hop. Yeah, the sun DID rise back then. I was the last generation that had rock based pop, before the hip-hop explosion. That being said, hip-hop pretty much rules for workout music. In case there were any doubts, I just did a survey […]

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Which Fat Loss Diet is Really Best According to Real Research

Which Fat Loss Diet is Really Best According to Real Research
There are so many fat loss diets out there. The plethora of people, place, and thing diets all purport to be the magic bullet when it comes to fat loss and fitness. What about the “Common Sense Diet”? How would that be? In any case, […]

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The Magnificent 7 Best Dumbbell Exercises to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

7 Best Dumbbell Exercises: Build Muscle and Burn Fat
Dumbbells rule! They’re on the good end of the functional strength continuum, opposite machines. Those little hunks of iron give you all the range of motion you’ll ever need. They also force your body to take on full control responsibility, bringing in all the little stabilizing and […]

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Traditional Weight Loss Foods That Make You Gain Weight

Weight Loss Foods That Make You Gain Weight
 and Alternatives That Won’t, as much….
You’re trying to lose weight. Welcome to the club. First, change that to “Trying to lose fat”, and you’ll be good. Next, check your diet. I’m going to parrot the same crap as every fitness pro out there: it’s 80% diet / 20% […]

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Do Saw Palmetto Benefits Include Fat Loss (or anything else)?

Do Saw Palmetto Benefits Include Fat Loss (or anything else)?


Do saw palmetto benefits include fat loss? There’s no shortage of things purported to help one lose fat. Saw Palmetto

is just another entry on a long and distinguished list. Lord knows it would be nice if dropping some of that hard-earned blub was just a pill […]

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Lose Fat Quickly – Can I Do It Again?

Lose Fat Quickly – Can I Do It Again?
The “How Did I Get Fat Again” Fat Loss Challenge
If you’ve ever wondered how to lose fat quickly, I sympathize, big time! When I got the ole belly fat back, it kind of snuck up and sucker punched me, right in the…. As you’ll notice from the accompanying photos, I’m […]

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Fun Ways to Lose Weight – Can Sex Lead to Weight Loss?

There’s no question that losing weight can be the toughest of struggles. Watching what you eat, huffing and puffing for hours on a treadmill, or finding a place to go for a run as the snow is swirling about, or the mercury rises into the triple digits is nobody’s idea of a good time. What […]

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Got a Superbowl Sized Hangover? Here’s How to Fight Back

How to Cure a Hangover

So, you spent the better part of yesterday either watching the Packers beat the Steelers in Superbowl 45 or preparing for it. If you’re like most people, much of that preparation consisted of drinking copious quantities of beer, loading up on piles of appetizers, or both. You probably feel like crap, […]

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Jack LaLanne – Innovator or Nutball? Fitness Enthusiasts Everywhere Mourn The Pioneer’s Death

Jack LaLanne was a fitness pioneer in the truest sense of the word. That term gets thrown around often when referring to anyone who has been in an industry since the earth cooled, but in this case it is more than justified. Think I’m kidding?

LaLanne – Innovator or Nutball??
Jack brought us many of the exercise […]

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Your Weight Loss Questions Answered Here (#1)

Here are the first answers to some of your fat loss questions that you submitted in response to my post last week. I’ll answer more in upcoming posts. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Remember, the fact that you’re committed enough to your goal of losing fat to keep trying and ask questions is worth big […]

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What are Your Biggest Fat Loss Challenges? Send Them In Now..

I get many questions about how to lose fat, weight loss, and physical fitness. It is a complicated and often confusing subject. Heck, it often confuses me and and I’ve been involved in it for 20 years! It is constantly evolving, and new studies are being done constantly on this supplement or that, new […]

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New Belly Fat Loser Fast Fat Loss Book for Amazon Kindle

This is an exciting milestone for me. I have been wanting to publish a new fat loss book for Amazon’s Kindle platform so people can have an easy to carry fat loss reference. The kindle is getting more and more popular, and people really seem to love the ability to have a multitude of books […]

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