Healthy Fast Food Choices – You Can Lose Weight on a Fast Food Diet

Healthy Fast Food Diet Choices

It’s a fact of life today that too many people rely on a fast food diet to keep them going. The demands of time, screaming kids, and sometimes outright laziness,  get us going up to the drive through window way more often than is nutritionally prudent. What if I told you […]

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The Best Home Fitness Equipment to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Fast

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to or can afford to work out at a club. For a number of reasons many people want or need to work out at home. If you want to get in a great workout at home, you’re going to need some gear. Here is the best home fitness equipment, […]

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Why is America so Darned Fat?

Well, why is America, or more accurately Americans, so darned fat? I was at a hotel pool this afternoon and I was struck by the inescapable fact that the vast majority of the people there were pretty darned overweight, some were terrifically obese. A quick look around drove home the hard truth; if the pool […]

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Adjustable Dumbbells – A Breakthrough in Building Muscle and Losing Fat

There’s no arguing that dumbbells are extremely effective, weather you’re using to build muscle, lose fat, or a little of both. The problems with dumbbells are that a complete series takes up a bit of space and can take quite a bit out of your wallet, too.

Enter the adjustable dumbbell! First making their debut about […]

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The Benefits of Elliptical Trainers

If you’re trying to lose fat, and elliptical trainer is sure to be at the top of your list when it comes to exercise machines. They’re very popular right now, but what are the benefits of elliptical trainers? After all, they look like some kind of evil device from the middle ages with a really […]

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What Does Your Percent Body Fat Mean?

Just what does your percent body fat mean? Well it is actually used to describe your body composition. Part of your body is lean tissue, such as muscle, organs (minus their fatty composition) and bone. Lean body mass does not mean your body weight if you’re lean. It refers to all of your body that’s […]

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Fitness Training Tips

Weather you’re trying to make good on your new year’s resolution or just plain want to lose some fat, gain some muscle, and get in better shape, it’s always tough to balance your quest for getter fitness with the rest of your busy life. To that end here are some fitness training tips you can […]

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Army Adopts “The Biggest Loser”

Well they aren’t actually having Jillian and Bob train new recruits, but they’ve had such a number of fat recruits in the last few years they’re having a problem meeting recruiting goals. A report released this morning by the AP says that almost 50,ooo potential new army recruits flunked the entrance exam due to their […]

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Fitness Training Tips to Help You Lose Fat

Fitness training can be confusing. After all, there is more advice about this stuff than there are people giving it. Here are some great fitness training tips to help you on your journey to a trimmer body and relaxed mind.

Fitness Training Tip 1 – Warm up and stretch before you begin any routine.

It will help […]

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What Are the Benefits of Taking Acai Berries?

What are the benefits of taking acai berries? These berries have been in the news quite a bit lately, and there’s been a hubub about acacia being promoted on Oprah, although debate rages on the validity of that claim. Why there is any hubub is another matter, as Oprah currently has the berry listed on […]

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What is the Ideal Healthy Body Fat Percentage ?

What is the ideal, healthy body fat percentage? You’re always hearing that you want to have low body fat, but can you go too low? Is there an ideal percentage of body fat you should strive for?

Actually, yes there is, and it’s different for men and women. Women naturally have more body fat than men […]

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