Fat Loss Weight Training Exercises – These 7 Crush It

Hey, It’s Your Simple Fat Loss Weight Training Program

Okay, so I’m already on record too many times to count favoring resistance training, and free weight training in particular as the nee plus ultra for fat loss. If you’re after fat loss, weight training exercises kill cardio for time spent. That being said, there are about 10,000 different exercises you could find yourself doing on any given day. If you’re mainly lifting for fat loss, you’re probably after the best weight lifting exercises for losing fat. As my wife can attest, I’m all about giving people what they want. Mind out o’ the gutter, she’s talking about me spoiling the kids.

Fat loss through weight training is all about kicking your metabolism squarely in the ass, so you’re burning more calories 24/7, no matter your activity level. While it may excel for fat burning while you’re actually exercising, cardio falls flat here. With that goal in mind, heavy compound exercises rule the day.

What’s a Compound Exercise?

Simple, one that requires multiple joint movements. Examples include the 3 weight room staples since before Ahnold and Franco whiled away their days in Venice.

There would be the:

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press

For example, a curl involves only the elbow joint, while a squat requires moving your ankle, knee, and hip.

This ”power trio” also recruits more muscle fibers than any other exercise, with the possible exception of the power clean, another BFL favorite. There are countless (almost) variations of all these, and really, it doesn’t matter which you choose if fat loss is your main goal. For that matter, there are plenty of other compound exercises that fit the bill as well. For now though, were sticking to these 4 and a few variations.

That doesn’t hold true if you’re seriously training for a specific sport, competitive bodybuilding, or power lifting. For any of those, you’ll need to target specific muscle groups or gain power in specific movements.

The Exercises

On a fat loss quest though, here are the “hot ticket” weight training movements:

1 – Squat

Yeah, you knew this one was comin’. It’s oppressive, overcoming a big ole’ weight sitting on your shoulders when you’re trying desperately to stand up. It most likely means you should be using less weight. Yeah, the cute chick doesn’t care how much you’re hoisting.

In any case, squats are fantastic because they ask so much of you. Squats strongly stress the body’s biggest muscles all at once: quads, hammies, glutes, plus myriad smaller ones as well. From what what much is asked, much is also received. All that big muscle means more metabolic stimulation, the name of the fat loss game. For athletic purposes, squats will bring you more explosive power, just the thing for sprinting, football, soccer (really, the “other football”) basketball, tennis, or any other sport that requires quick acceleration or jumping.

2 – Power Clean

Another fun way to pass time in the gym, power cleans dip deep into the way back machine, but deliver plenty in the way of metabolic boosting power. They also target muscle groups from head to toe in the process. One disadvantage? Power cleans require a bit more dexterity and coordination than the others, so some practice is probably necessary before you really start clickin’ with these. However, like pleasuring your girlfriend, playing the piano, or many other things requiring lots of practice, the results are well worth it.

Power cleans have been a football strength coach’s standby for decades, and they still work.

  • Approach the bar as you would for a deadlift, but with both hands above the bar and pronated (facing the bar). Keep your hips directly over your feet.
  • Grab the bar about shoulder width apart and start the lift as you would a deadlift, pulling the weight from the ground. Keep the bar close to your body the entire way up.
  • With the deadlift you’re using just your legs and lower back, but with power cleans you’ll thrust your hips forward as the bar passes you knees and try to jump off the ground. (Congrats if you leave it…) It’s the explosion from your legs and hips that substantially left the weight, not your arms.
  • As you’re raising the weight, in one smooth movement pull the bar up towards your chin, similar to doing an upright row
  • As the weight nears the top, , drop your hips and throw your elbows under and in front the bar, then stand up.
  • The ending position is the weight resting atop your anterior deltoids, close to the base of your neck, and your elbows pointing almost straight out in front of you.
  • Lower the weight back to the floor.

Congrats, now do 7-9 more of them!

Here’s How:

3 – Deadlift

This can be one of the most dangerous lifting movements. Do it wrong, and your vertebrae may go shooting across the gym. Seriously, don’t mess around with this until you really know what you’re doing. Start light until you nail good form, then move up from there. You can use a split bar that lets you stand in the middle or grab a dumbbell in each hand to lessen the load on your lower back, but that too has its pro and cons. For example, your lower back doesn’t get the same training intensity as with traditional deadlifts. Also, with some training it’s fairly easy to deadlift quite a bit of weight and you may be hard pressed (no pun intended) to find dumbbells that heavy.

4 – Bench Press

Fat Loss Weight Training Exercises: Bench Press

Bench Press – Down Position
This movement primarily stresses your pectorals (A), triceps (B), and deltiods (NOT C). There is secondary stress on many other muscle groups (okay, now that’s C) One aspect of this drawing is wrong, though… keep your feet flat on the floor and use your leg drive to help the movement. Don’t lift your butt!

If you’ve ever been even close to a gym, you know what these are. One of the best upper body power exercises ever, and despite the image of power lifters lingering in people’s heads, they’re killer for fat burning as well. Why? They recruit many muscle fibers and make them scream for mercy. Plus, when you field the inevitable “How much can you bench?” query that abounds at gyms worldwide, you’ll have a good answer.

5 – Dumbbell Burpees with an Overhead Press and Pushup

Yeah, like burpees weren’t painful enough. They may be, but the intensity is a bit lacking. Put a 20 (or even a dime) in each hand then do some. No slacking; do the pushup variety. As you jump, press he dumbbells overhead. Not only will that help develop your shoulders, it increases intensity for your legs. Starting to notice a recurring theme here? Yeah, intensity….

Adding weight ramps intensity waaaayyy up. Without he added weight the leg portion of this exercise is sub-par for any well trained individual. Bonus: Your vertical jump will go up from these. Maybe you can dunk one of these days, after all!

6 – Bent Over Row

Another old favorite that involves your whole upper backside. Use either dumbbells or a barbell. Keep your back straight and don’t round your spine. The closer to vertical you are, the more you target the traps and lateral delts. The more horizontal, it shifts to lats, lower back and posterior delts. Either way, it involves a veritable plethora of different muscles, one of the keys to an excellent fat loss exercise.

7 – Lunge With Hanging Dumbbells

Best Fat Loss Weight Training Exercises : hanging dumbbell lunges

The weighted lunge is a lower body developer par excellence. Adding the hanging dumbbells adds not only lower body intensity, but works your traps, forearms, and shoulders as well.

Adding a dumbbell in each hand not only delivers a much better workout to your legs, but also works your traps, forearms, and shoulders too. It’s not a dead lift in that regard, but doing lunges regularly helps avoid asymmetric lower body strength development that research has shown is a key factor in hamstring injuries. No pulled hammies!

Bonus: The BFL Simple (but maybe not easy) Fat Loss Weight Training Program

At the risk of oversimplification, I’m going to oversimplify your fat loss weight training program. Hey, life’s too damn complicated already.

NOTE: I’d recommend throwing in some core work 3 days a week, also. All movements flow through your core, and strong muscles here help transfer power and prevent injuries more effectively. Plus, when you actually do lose that fat, your friends will gaze at your sweet abs!

1) Pick any 3 of the above 7 exercises
2) Warm up for 5-10 minutes on a treadmill or bike.
3) Stretch lightly
4) Remember the 3 exercises you picked in step one? Great, your mind’s not completely shot yet, despite all that stress.

  • Do 4 sets of each of the 3 exercises.
  • Start with 16 reps using a weight that lets you complete all 16 with out any problems.
  • Following the first set, do 3 more sets, 1 each with 12, 10, and 8 reps. For the last 3 sets of each exercise, use a weight that lets you barely complete the last rep.

5) Do the routine every 4 days if you’re under 40, every 5 days if you’re over it. Yep, that’s a gross generalization. You may have to adjust your recovery times as needed. Change out 2 of the 3 exercises for different ones from the list the next time. You’ll stave off boredom, and keep asking new things from your muscles, so they won’t settle in to a routine.

Weights Rock for Fat Loss

Weight lifting has often gotten the short end of the fat loss stick by cardio-crazed fitness and weight loss enthusiasts. The problem with cardio is you’ll spend too much time doing it per pound of fat lost. You don’t have enough time already, so cut the cardio. Even Harvard studies say so. Lift some weights and lose some fat. These 8 fat loss weight training exercise could be all you’ll ever need.