Just what does your percent body fat mean? Well it is actually used to describe your body composition. Part of your body is lean tissue, such as muscle, organs (minus their fatty composition) and bone. Lean body mass does not mean your body weight if you’re lean. It refers to all of your body that’s not composed of fat.

Your percent body fat is amazingly enough, just what it sounds like it would be; the percentage of your body weight that is comprised of fat tissue. For example, if you weigh 200lbs on a scale, and your body composition is such that 150 lbs is lean body mass and 50lbs is fat, then your percent body fat is 25%.

The formula is simply:
1 – (lean body weight/total body weight) = percent body fat

In another example if your total body weight is 145 and your lean body weight is 110, then your percent body fat is calculated by the following:

1 – (110/145) = 24.2%

That’s what your percent body fat means and how to calculate it. In order to do the calculation you first have to get your body composition tested. When that’s done you’ll typically be given your percent body fat, not just your absolute lean body mass, so you won’t have to calculate it.

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