What Will You Do to Reach Your Fat Loss and Fitness Goals?

Reach Fat Loss and Fitness Goals

Are you willing to go the extra mile to reach your fat loss and fitness goals?

Maybe you’re only 1 small change from the body you want, maybe a lifestyle. It comes down to making that 1 small change, then making one more. Soon you’ve changed your lifestyle, and your body!

The Fat Loss Trio

Rocket science? Nah, just what’s worked for me. Key to success? Very few can make a wholesale change all at once. If you can just yard the whole thing and start over from scratch, living the healthy lifestyle, congrats! If not, try these:

1 – Be Full, Not Fat

You can eat your fill of whole foods, like fresh veggies, and still lose weight, unless you’re trying to elevate sedentary to new heights. I saw a graphic recently showing a stomach with equal 400 calories portions of oil, lean chicken breast, and fresh vegetables. The volume difference was stunning and perfectly serves to illustrate the point. You can eat and be full, not fat.

No More Food Cravings?

The other benefit is that you’re more likely to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs. The result being you avoid cravings that pop up when you’re eating, but not getting your body what it needs.

Included in BFNF, is cutting out refined sugar, white flour (and all that contains it), and white rice (switch to brown instead). It gets easier, really! You don’t have to eat perfectly, just cut out the worst offenders.

2 – Consistency’s King

Yeah, if you’re in marketing, you may have heard that it’s content, but content doesn’t work so well for trying to peel off stubborn fat. What does work is being as regular as bowel movements after a Ducolax storm. Carve out a regular time for some kind of physical activity at least 5 days a week.

Would it be great to get addicted to fitness and high intensity workouts? Hell, yes, but the point is that few people actually go that route. Oh, they intend to, but that’s about as far as it gets. I had a friend in management at one of the major health club chain.

He showed me how they structure their membership drives, intentionally overselling their clubs for December and January by up to 80%! It really doesn’t matter, because less than 5% of those who purchase memberships to comply with their New Year’s fat loss resolution are still showing up at the club by mid-March. Don’t be that guy or girl.

I was one of the lucky ones who discovered they really enjoyed lifting weights. Some aren’t so lucky. If you don’t like lifting or running, find something you DO enjoy (at least somewhat) like martial arts, skiing, swimming, or tennis. Put in some work discovering what that is, so regular exercise won’t be so much drudgery later.

3 – Find (at least some) Friends Who Want the Same Thing

I read recently that if you hang out with 4 millionaires, you’ll one day be the fifth. Conversely, if you hang out with 4 broke people, you’ll one day be the fifth. That rings true for so many of life’s journeys. You become with whom you associate. Want to come a drug addicted thief? Start hanging out with some. Want to be physically fit and trim? Hang out with folks who love physical activity and the healthy lifestyle.

It can be tough, because so many of your current friends and associates don’t mean to pull you down with them, like mom and dad, they just don’t understand. Ask Will Smith. It’s not that they really want you to be out of shape, but it’s all too easy for them to want to include you in their activities, and not really understand when you don’t want to partake.

#3 may be the most difficult. After all, it may not be a small thing, unlike the other two. You can be consistent in grabbing exercise for 30 minutes 4 days a week, that’s only a couple of hours. You can cut the really bad crap out of your diet. Ditching some of your friends on the other hand……

How far ARE you willing to go?