Okay, so there are no fat people at the pool now, but it's 20 minutes after midnight, and the pool's closed now.

Okay, so there are no fat people at the pool now, but it's 20 minutes after midnight, and the pool's closed.

Well, why is America, or more accurately Americans, so darned fat? I was at a hotel pool this afternoon and I was struck by the inescapable fact that the vast majority of the people there were pretty darned overweight, some were terrifically obese. A quick look around drove home the hard truth; if the pool was a representitive cross section of the United States cintizenry, we are a fat nation indeed.

Now, I would expect some people to be a bit rotund. I mean, everyone can’t look like joe/spehene 6-pack. I sure don’t. However, for the first hour escaping the 99 degree heat, there were only a handful of people that had anything remotely approaching a multiple pack of beverage containers near their midsection, and they were all about 5 – 17 years old. The sad thing is that even the young adults were chunky, like freshman at the end of their first year in the dorm with mommy and daddy’s meal card.

Why have we as a nation made the decision that watching The Biggest Loser is all we need do? Is actually implementing any of the advice gleaned from the show, or anywhere else for that matter, strictly for some other people?

It shouldn’t be, when dropping a few of those lipidous pounds doesn’t really require a great sacrifice. Sure, if you want to lose 120 pounds in 6 months, you’ll be gruntin’ and groanin’ some. For those that just want (need?) to take off 20 – 50 pounds in 6 months to a year, it’s not rocket science, you don’t have to go on some weirdo fad diet, and it certainly doesn’t require you to train like your NFL season starts tomorrow.

You need to make some minor diet mods, and if you’re really feeling frisky, spend 3  –  4 days a week with some dumbbells, and for no more than 30 minutes at a time, either. That really doesn’t seem like too much to ask for something that could so easily prolong your life and make you feel good abolut being by the pool, although if today was any indication, far too many people really don’t give a rip, and that’s too darned bad.