A great way to lose fat is adopting a functional strength training program. Huh? Why would you want any other kind? Who would want a dysfunctional training program? Functional strength training is the practice of using your own body weight, and (in some cases) dumbbells as the resistance. Functional training concentrates on improving strength that benefits performance of sports and daily activities, rather than just boosting your numbers for the bench press or squat.

Heavy emphasis is placed on strengthening the muscles the provide the foundation of functional strength, also known as the “core” muscles. Your abs, neck, lower back, obliques, and trapezius. The term functional strength is used primarily to discriminate the training methods from traditional bodybuilding.

Does it work? Of course it does! For many people a functional strength program could be the only strength program they ever need to both lose at and gain muscle. There are a number of advantages. The first is obvious to all but those people that have proboscis visualization problems; since your body is always with you, you always have the equipment you need to train.

Exercises used for functional strength training programs include push ups, pull ups, crunches, lunges, dips, leg raises, twisting sit ups, and all manner of other compound movements. These all translate well into improvements in sports, day to day activities, and general fitness. Isolation exercises and machines are out when doing functional strength training.

You can use some apparatus when involved in a functional strength training program though. One of these is the ball; either the medicine or stability variety can be included in your workouts. In many cases both are used. Developing these secondary muscles is great for developing the small, assisting muscles that stabilize the body during activities. It’s also beneficial to prevent injuries.

Incorporating functional strength training routines into your fat loss program can really boost its’ effectiveness. Resistance training in general increases muscle mass, raises your metabolic rate and helps melt fat from your body.

Functional training routines can also be a heck of a lot more fun that just slaving away under a barbell too. There’s a ton of variety. You can do a huge number of different variations of almost every movement. Try incorporating some functional strength training into your fat loss program for a serious increase in its effectiveness. You’ll find those workouts just slide right by.