Is Exercise Intensity the Key to Fat Loss?

How can exercise intensity help you with fat loss? Well, intensity is energy density combined with time and velocity. Although you may have slept through high school physics class, its time to wake up if you’re trying to peel the fat from your belly.

Getting The Time to Lose Fat

One of the things most have all too little of in this modern world is time. That means you’re trying to find a way to cram your workout into a smaller and smaller bit of time. Although that seems counter productive, it may actually be just what the fat loss doctor ordered.

That’s because short, intense workouts are immensely beneficial for increasing fitness and reducing your body fat level. If you’re trying to cram a great workout into a relatively short time interval, it will, by definition, be intense.

To get the maximum benefit from your workouts, you want to get in, hit it really hard, and get the heck out of there. There’s no sense in draggin’ it out. That’s counter productive. The same holds true if you’re trying to pack on muscle mass.

Your workout should last no longer than ½ hr or 45 minutes. If you’re ramping up the intensity to the optimum level however, you should be about ready to hurl after that time. Keep great form and remember to inhale on the eccentric (in/down) phase, then explode and exhale on the concentric (out/up) phase.

If you’re stretching your workouts to an hour or more, stop, please! If you’re able to go that long, that means one thing; you’re not ramping up the intensity level enough for the first 45 minutes.

What the Docs Say About Exercise Intensity for Fat Loss

Is there any research to back up my line of thinking? Actually, yes there is, although many physical trainers, body

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builders, and gym rats would tell you the same thing. About that fat loss research; A study just published in November of this year by the University of Virginia, one of the nation’s oldest institutions of higher learning, found that high intensity exercise is “ necessary to achieve significant improvements in body composition”.

The study was led by professor Arthur Weltman and tracked 27 test subjects for 26 weeks. Although you may not feel you can engage in a high intensity exercise program for fat loss or increased muscle mass, take heart. Dr. Weltman reports that “High-intensity exercise was prescribed based on each individual’s capabilities and allowed each woman to complete the exercise bouts. Often, people think they cannot engage in high-intensity exercise because they associate it with what athletes are able to do, not what is high-intensity for them. It varies from person to person,” So, see, you can do it.

High intensity works for either resistance training or cardio routines. So, until next time, crack that fat loss code by hitting it hard and leaving nothing behind (except your fat)…..

What kind of workout do you favor for fat loss? How has it been working for you? Let me know, please!