One of the things about being busy, weather you’re raising kids, have a busy professional life, or are a student with a heavy course load, is finding the time to exercise. That’s where some quick, fat burning exercises come in. For an exercise program like this you want efficiency; the maximum long term fat burning potential for the minimum time invested.

Stripping the fat from your body is all about one thing; expending more energy than you take in. It’s really that simple. What’s not quite that simple is how you go about it. Eat too little and the reduction in calories will put out you metabolic fires, causing poor results. Eat too much and obviously you’ll gain weight, exactly the wrong result. Eat the wrong diet or exercise incorrectly and you’ll make little or no progress. You’ll slog away for hours and see little return for your efforts.

So, here are is a quick fat burning workout. These exercises will all but ensure your fat burning furnace will be stoked up to a fever pitch, and the fat will melt away. It’s about stimulating the maximum amount of muscle fibers in the minimum amount of time.

Please – Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Don’t lift too much weight or use improper form, as injury can result. This is only an illustration. I’m specifically not recommending you actually do any of these exercises.

Quick Fat Burning Exercises Program
Exercise 1 Dumbbell Deadlift / Squats –
With your arms straight down at your sides and your palms in, grasp a dumbbell in each hand. Using proper form, with your eyes straight ahead and your back straight, squat down until the dumbbells touch, or nearly touch the floor. Pause in the down position for a count of one, then return to the up position. Do 5 sets of 12 – 16 reps with a 45 second pause in between each set.

This movement works the quads (A), hamstrings (B), glutes, lower back, trapezius(C), and lats (D). That means this single exercise hits all the largest muscles in your body, making it perfect to burn fat as you’re doing it. More importantly is it’s long term effects on your metabolism, causing you to expend more calories all day long.

Dumbbell Deadlifts kill your fat!

Dumbbell Deadlifts kill your fat!

Exercise 2 – Bench Press
Before you even begin – Please, please don’t lift your butt off the bench so you can lift more weight and wow everyone with your impressive lifting capabilities. Doing so compresses your vertebrae and causes spinal problems. You can use dumbbell or a barbell for these, but I like the dumbbells because of the greater range of motion they enable and the fact they require the use of all those other stabilizing muscles.

Adding the bench press to the dumbbell deadlift/squats above will recruit almost all the upper body muscles the deadlift/squats missed to give a fairly complete workout you can accomplish in only about 20 minutes. Trust me, if you do this right, it’s all the workout you need unless you’re a body builder or an elite level athlete. If you want to look a bit better on the beach, add in some dedicated bicep and tri work, but that won’t help your fat burning program much.

Hit the bench for about 4 – 6 sets of 12 – 16 reps. Pause about 45 seconds to a minute between sets. On the last 3 sets, take it a few reps past failure, if you’re working with dumbbells. If you have a spotter that’s paying attention, you can do this when using a bar too. Either way, you’ll hit the pectorals (A), Triceps (B), and Serratus(C). Also, the deltoids in your shoulders get a heck of a workout.

Bench Press - up position NOTE: Keep your feet flat on the floor when doing these, not on the bench

Bench Press - up position

Keep your feet flat on the floor, not on the bench!

Although it doesn’t burn much fat, I like to throw a good ab routine in about 3 – 5 days a week. This helps strengthen the core to provide a solid foundation. In addition, when the fat finally comes away your midsection will look a heck of a lot better if you’ve been doing ab work.

This comprises a great fat burning routine you can get out of the way in about 25 minutes or less. As far as quick fat burning exercise go, it doesn’t get much better.

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