If you travel frequently, getting in a workout can be a bit tough. Sure, many hotels have some kind of exercise room or fitness facility, but many times these just don’t stack up. What you need is some great portable exercise equipment you can bring with you on the road or to the office, so you never have to miss your workout. Consistency is key here.

Portable exercise equipment that you can fit into a suitcase, briefcase, or even a computer bag is what you need to be sure you won’t have to leave it behind. Something not to overlook is things that you can find laying around the office or hotel room that you can use as exercise equipment.

For resistance, you are going to use either your body weight, ankle / wrist type weights, or some type of resistance bands. The advantages are that you already have your body weight with you, and bands are light and easy to fold up. Ankle and wrist type weights are effective, but you’re limited in the amount of weight you can pack along.

With resistance bands, you can do almost any exercise including overhead presses, squats, flyes, ab routines, and any number of different arm exercises. One advantage to using bands is that, similarly to using dumbbells, you have to use all the small, assisting muscles to stabilize the weight. Another advantage to using bands is that you can get tremendous variety in the angle of resistance, which enables you to hit your muscles from angles you can’t do as well with weights.

One thing that some people have trouble getting used to is the resistance characteristics of bands. They seem to have relatively lower resistance at the beginning of the movement, getting progressively more difficult as you get closer to full extension. They actually resist the same as they are stretched.

If you choose resistance bands, make sure you get some of the accessories such as different handles, door attachments, and hooks. These will open up a huge variety of different exercises you can do and places you can do them. For example, you can do bench presses while standing if you have the right attachments. That’s great, because not too many hotel rooms have the right sized bench to do bench presses.

Here is an example of a resistance band kit, the Super Strong Man Edition from Bodylastics. Check it out here.

Resistance Band Exercise Set

Resistance Band Exercise Set

When choosing the best portable exercise equipment for your particular application, take into account the following:
· The kind of fitness routine you are participating in.
· How much resistance you need.
· The amount of portability you need. If you’re frequently traveling, and want to travel light, take that into account.

Ankle and wrist weights can give you a heck of a workout, especially of you’re doing boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai workouts. Ankle weights are also valuable for increasing the intensity of lower ab workouts. They are highly portable and very easy to use. Their prime disadvantage is that you’re limited in the amount of weight you can add, practically speaking. A huge advantage to ankle weights is you can wear them when doing daily activities to increase your calorie burn and muscle tone.

If you need some exercise equipment you can keep in your car, office, or travel bag you have some great choices. You’ll never have to miss a workout again.

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