Top 10 Reasons to Exercise

Reason to exercise: 2 on 2 beach volleyball.

2 on 2 beach volleyball is definitely a reason to exercise.

Everyone just knows exercise is important, don’t they? Are there really reasons to exercise? You bet! Here are the top 10 reasons you should put down the remote, turn off 24 (you do have it on Tivo, don’t you?), and hit the weights or treadmill. We can go into what kind of exercise is most beneficial later. Now, we’ll stick to the “something’s better than nothing” school of thought.

Reason to Exercise Number 10

Your body needs it.

The human body was not designed to lounge around all day. It was built for getting things done. In the past that Exercise makes you strongermeant jumping out of a tree with a spear to grab some dinner. Now it means grabbing a shovel and working on your landscaping, or biking down to the beach for a few games of 2 on 2. If you don’t get some exercise you’ll lose your edge and gain something else, and you know what that is, don’t you?

Reason to Exercise Number 9

Exercise actually makes your brain grow.

No, it’s actually scientifically proven to increase brain capacity. If you’re so inclined, you can find the proof in the Journal of  Neurochemistry. The study is filed  under Treadmill exercise counteracts the suppressive effects of peripheral lipopolysaccharide on hippocampal neurogenesis , learning and memory. WOW! Exercise makes your brain grow is much easier.

Reason to Exercise Number 8

Exercise will make you bigger and stronger.

Reasons to Exercise: Exercise makes you bigger and stronger

That’s kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? It has been proven in too many scientific studies to list, and anecdotally you can throw a rock and hit someone who has gotten stronger through exercise.

It definitely worked for me. In high school I could barely lift a pencil, which pretty much described my neck. A few years of lifting weights, biking, skiing, and playing volleyball later, I’d gained enough strength to bench press almost 300lbs and press 200 overhead. Definitely not NFL material, but more than a pencil. Hey, I’m cursed with long arms. My kind suck at benching! I had also gained almost 50 lbs of pure muscle, so instead of being 6’2 and 145lbs, I was 6’2 and 192lbs.

Reason to Exercise Number 7

Exercise makes you look better.

Ressons to exercise: exercise makes you look better

It will make your belly fat disappear, your arms firm up, and your legs have some definition. It could even get rid of the whole pirate problem; your sunken chest. Yeah, we live in a visually based, materialistic society. The fact is though, that better looking people are more likely to score a mate and land a better job. No, it’s not fair, and I wish I looked like Brad Pitt, but what can you do? Well, exercise, for one thing!

Reason to Exercise Number 6

Exercise increases your bone density.

Proved in the 2 year Erlangen Fitness Osteoporosis Prevention Study, among others resistance exercise increases bone density, can help prevent or lessen the effects of osteoporosis, and make your bones stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Reason to Exercise Number 5

It makes you feel better about yourself.

Hey, if kids can play non-competitive sports so they can feel better about themselves, you can surely spend 20 minutes on the treadmill to boost your self esteem, can’t you? The increased feelings of self worth come about due to multiple factors; the endorphines released during exercise, the fact that you can do things you could never do before you started, and the discovery that Suzy down in accounting thinks you look really, really good.

Reason to Exercise Number 4

Exercise boosts your immune system.

That’s more important than ever, what with the swine flu making its way up here from Mexico and all. Not only that, but with the economy the way it is, you can’t afford to be missing any work, can you?

Reason to Exercise Number 3

Exercise makes you sleep better.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to so many aspects of your performance, from the bedroom to the board room, that it can’t be overlooked. Even if you don’t get enough sleep, you should try and be sure that the sleep you do

reasons to exercise: It makes you sleep better

Can not getting enough shut eye each night help make you fat? Some high powered researchers may have found the answer to that very question.

get is good quality sleep, and exercise can help you do that.

Reason to Exercise Number 2

Exercise is a fantastic stress reducer.

As you’re worried about losing your job, there’s no doubt that stress is mounting. Hit the treadmill for a mile or two. That will help reduce your stress level. Grab a set of dumbbells and do a killer chest and shoulder routine, if you’d rather. Maybe you could scurry up the face of El Capitan after lunch. The point is you should be doing some kind of  intense, physical exercise to help you get rid of the stress so common in modern life.

Reason to Exercise Number 1

And the number one reason to exercise –  Summer’s coming!

You want to look good on the beach, don’t you? You know how people just have to look when you’re sporting that 6-pack, and perfect pecs? Maybe it’s your shredded legs and capped delts that make people take notice. It could be that your cosmetic surgeon is just a miracle worker. What ever the reason, exercise helps you look good for summer, and what better reason, could there be to lift, run, or play than that?  Hurry, you only have a few weeks left.

Bonus Reason to Exercise

It Improves Your Sex Life

Sure, looking all sexy and smokin’ hot will help attract a mate, but there’s new evidence that exercise actually improves sexual performance once you get in the sack as well. This 2014 study found that men who exercised 18 hours weekly experienced an astounding 34% increase in sexual function than those who didn’t! While that’s certainly stellar, the fact is even the most exercise addicted men aren’t going to hit the gym 18 hours a week, but that’s definitely another powerful reason to exercise!

More Exercise Motivation

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