The Killer Lower Ab Workout

Abs Built in the Gym

This is a great lower ab workout that will turn your lower abs into tight bands of steel. You probably already know this, but in case you’re blissfully unaware, the best lower ab workout in the world won’t do Jack Squat to give you the 6 or 8-pack abs of your dreams unless the belly fat’s gone first. That’s right, the ab workout will give you an awesome set of lower abs, but if there’s a 3” slab of blubber over the top, the whale coat’s all anyone’s ever gonna see. Abs built in the gym, exposed in the kitchen, ya know….

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on your abs if you are still carrying some extra fat.  On the contrary, if you do want to have an 8-pack to be proud of, you’ll have to build up you abdominal muscles so that once your fat disappears, you have something great to show off.

Here is a great lower ab workout to really develop those lower sections of your abdominal area. It’s fast, which is important if your schedule isn’t full of free time. It will work, but it will also hurt, so gut it out and get to work.

Lower Ab Workout - defined abdominal muscles

You’re not getting abs like this without targeting upper and lower abs, and for heaven’s sake, don’t forget your obliques or your diet!

NOTE: It is essential that you do any ab exercises properly to avoid possible lower back problems. Proper form is extremely important.

Do 3 sets with 20 – 40 reps of the following movements. Do a superset progression, i.e. start with the first exercise (perform it the recommended number of repetitions), then go to the second, and then the third. After you’ve completed all three, rest for 45 seconds to 1 minute, then start the superset over again. After 3 supersets you should be suitably drained. Remember to keep your body core tight at all times during these lower ab exercises:

Lying Leg Extensions

Lay on your back with your hands under your butt and your feet together on the floor.
Pull your feet back toward your butt, then slowly extend them straight out, about 6” – 8” off the floor.

Lying Leg Raises / Spreads

Lie on your back with your hands below your butt as above. Your legs should be extended straight out, with your feet together on the floor. Lift your feet up about 6” off the floor. Count to 3, then spread your legs so that your feet are about 24” apart. Count to 3, then move your feet back until they are touching again, and lower your feet to the floor.

Hanging Leg Raises

For this you’ll either need some ab straps or a dip/leg raise stand that you can hang from (rest on your elbows). To start, hang with your legs straight down, and your feet off the floor. Keep your legs together and bring your knees as far as possible toward your chinny, chin, chin. Concentrate on crunching your abs and curling them up to lift your knees.

With all of these lower ab exercises, you can do them with no added weight until you can do about 40 reps. After than you can add weight to your ankles to increase the intensity. Remember that your abs are made from the type of muscle fibers that respond best to high repetitions so don’t just think, “I’ll do 10 -15 reps, then add weight” You can certainly do that, but you won’t be doing the most effective ab routine.

This lower ab workout should get your 8-pack goin’ strong in time for summer. Just make sure you lose your belly fat too, or no one will ever see them.

Until next time, have a great weekend and………………….Lose Your Belly Fat!